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SPRING: it begins on 21st March, characteristic is nature awaking from winter sleep, snow melts, flowers in blossom (snowdrops – snežienky, violets – fialky, daffodils – narcisy, tulips – tulipány), many little cubs (mláďatá), temperatures about 10-15°C, nights get shorter and days get longer, more sunshine, the weather becomes warmer, many people feel “spring tiredness” – jarná únava, changeable weather in April, May – the month of love..
SUMMER: starts on 21st June, the warmest season of the year, temperatures rise to 25-35°C, students save holidays, time for relaxing, travelling, weather always sunny and warm…
AUTUMN: starts on 23rd September, typical to see kites (šarkany) in the sky, leaves falling down from trees, typical colours are brown, red, orange. We pick up mushrooms in the forests, weather breaks, it’s getting colder, cloudy sky, shorter days and longer nights, some people have “autumn depression”, some birds leave to warmer lands, in the air one can feel that winter is coming.
WINTER: comes on 21st December, cold weather, the temperatures drop often deep under freezing point, it brings snowfall, wind and frost, children make snowmen, throw snowballs, they enjoy sledging, skating, skiing, many families go skiing to High or Low Tatras, romantic and peasant atmosphere, the Christmas time…
Adapting people to changing weather – umbrellas, waterproof clothes, raincoat, sunglasses
Who is sensitive to weather changes – people with rheumatism, having problems with bones, after accidents or some specific diseases, with heart problems and high blood pressure, but not only people – known are also animals – ants (mravce) (they are seen a lot before rain), swallows (lastovičky) (flying quite low in the country – also before rain), as well as flowers – that close themselves in the evening, during bad weather or before rain, f.ex. sunflowers rotate themselves to the sun…
Impact of weather on our physical conditions – bad weather (lazy, tired, feeling bad & weak), good weather (energy)
My favourite type of weather sunny, quite warm but not too hot, little clouds, beginning of the summer, I do not prefer to have summer all the time, change is necessary not to stay lazy of all-day routine weather, also rain, snow is necessary and also nice as change and important for surviving of nature, summer droughts are not good
My relying (spoliehať sa) on weather forecast – I’m interesting in weather forecast, but do not depend on it, good for clothing when you have some idea what the weather is going to be, but the forecast becomes not truth all the time
Weather as a popular conversation – changeable weather, mostly in UK so popular, every time changing
Weather and holiday – when we pay for holiday vacation we want to have a good weather and we hope to be so, sunny weather important for good holiday (sea, mountains, visiting of sightseeing monuments…), nice weather is not buyable = always risk for future in planning of a holiday, bad weather = staying in hotel, not so great, hope to have a good weather, rain = no possibility to spend holiday swimming, mountaineering, many times waste of money
What influences climate - Climate changes very obviously and so the weather changes as well. We cannot compare winters 50 years ago to those we have today. The main cause is the global warming which affects our climate. Summers become warmer and winters less severe. Climate depends from the location mostly, where the country is situated, also from the human intervention (zásah) into the nature – that causes global warming and that is headed to (smeruje) to the climate changes such as melting of icebergs, changing of temperature, snowing no more, higher temperatures, tornadoes also in unusual countries…

Adapting of animals to changing climate – animals are adapted to change for example their hairs before or after winter, but they begin to change also against climate, although it is not every time good, for example some high mountain animals (such as bears) move to the lower areas and endanger people having a holiday, working or living here. Plus for example the wheels or dolphins arrive nearer to the sea coast so that some people hunt them. Usual is also the move of birds that during the autumn fly away from the country on the south hemisphere where the summer begins to survive in able conditions for them. Typical is also changing and resistance (odolnosť) of some specific animal species that begin to be more resistant against changes of weather and climate as well as against insectides.

Different lifestyle of people in cold /warmer climate – people living in cold areas such as Russia, Island or Canada are habituated to this typical cold climate, they wear warm clothes and have also a little different lifestyle because of shorter daylight. In spite of it people living for example in Spain, Italy, France, Greece or South America have absolutely different lifestyle. They have different working hours because of heat during midday, so that they do not work and have a typical siesta hours, they have naturally darker skin colour and wear less clothes. Also spending of their free time is much more different for example from the people living near to the poles. It is also known that because of weather people change their moods. By nice weather they feel happier, with enough energy and willing to live.
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Cudzie jazyky » Angličtina

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