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For the majority of people job means the source of earning money, for the others it can be a hobby. Choosing one’s career is an important step in everybody’s life. Children have ideas of what they want to be and they change them often. Boys want to be pilots, policemen, firemen, soldiers and girls dream of becoming actresses, models, singers or ballet dancers. Some children follow footsteps of parents or even parents want them to work in the same area of occupation (zamestnanie). Certainly everyone wants to find a well-paid job which would be interesting for him and he would like it. But it is often not possible because of many reasons such as lack of qualifications or low salary. We should not forget our education is the most important for finding a good job. Plus our occupation should bring us joy and satisfaction from well done job. We should also remember the proverb (príslovie): There is no bread without work.”

The first important step of man is in the final year of elementary school when many schoolmates face a problem – they have to decide for the best and to choose from various options of secondary schools – Grammar school, industrial, medical, economic school, apprentice centre, art schools… After a successful accomplishment (dokončenie) of the secondary school students decide whether they continue their education at the university or they enter the world of work. But those who do not attend a university and have no diploma many times face problems finding a suitable job because of lack of qualifications and experience.

There are 2 kinds of work: manual where you work with your hands and mental worked with brain. If you want to work as a manual worker you would be fit and it requires a lot of power. There are many resources to help to the unemployed people or to absolvents who want to find a job. Advertise-ments in national and local newspapers, many job centres or employment offices, internet… - they all can be helpful mostly for those who have been made redundant (nadbytočný, prepustený).

When someone wants to apply for a job at first he has to write an application. A necessary part of it is curricu-lum vitae CV (životopis) which should contain personal details, general qualifications, work experience, language knowledge and other special skills. The arm of the application is to get an interview. It is the most important stage for getting a job because here you will be decided if you gain or lose job. Very important is the first impression because your outlook tells a lot about your personality (no provocative & extravagant clothing and behaviour, vital way of speech, no slang words, to avoid bad habits – chewing nails, playing with hair…).
Each work should be justly rewarded. The reward is usually of the monetary kind. Employers are paid every month and this pay goes directly into their bank account – it is called a salary. The total amount of money you receive in a year is called your income.

At present there is an increasing number of people – workaholics - for whom career and their job is on the first place in their life. So they have no time for personal life, family, friends and hobbies. The frequent problem of society relates to unemployment. Almost in every country there are people who can not find a job. The biggest problem is that many times employers search for someone with higher degree of education and special abilities and applicants have lack of education or no practise. These people without work have to be on the dole (podpora v nezamestnanosti).

Many people leave their homeland to start to work abroad. Reasons why people want to work abroad can be various but the most frequent one is that they can earn much more money there than at home. Usually the girls travel abroad to take care of children as au-pairs or look after old people which is popular among Slovak girls. In the time of pregnancy and even after giving a birth to babies mothers needn’t to be afraid of getting fired from their occupation because of the laws which protect them against employers. These laws also modify the height of their monthly financial support during maternity leave (materská dovolenka). The time when people are old enough to work and after large number of worked-off years is called retirement. Old people – pensioners receive pension each month.
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