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People are human beings and because of it we have to be in contact with other people. We need to go in for example to café or some pub to talk with our friends, to get along well with our family members, our colleagues at work or with our neighbours. It is important and inseparable part of our life.
Relationship is the way how people feel about, treat and behave towards each other. But this collocation /slovné spojenie/ has more meanings. In general there are informal and formal relationships, which include also political ones. We distinguish /rozlišovať/ friendship, romantic relationship (dating, marriage, divorce), man and woman relationship in general, relationship in family, at work, at school between student and teacher and our relationships for example to different races, religions, social classes, disabled or homeless people. Relationship includes also way how celebrities´ and other personalities´ attitude towards other people and for example to paparazzi.
Part of relationships mostly in the past in royal and noble families and nowadays by important political meetings is also the courtesy. The formal relation is mostly at work between employer and employees, in offices, school between student and teacher and also among foreign people for example in shop.
Informal relations accrue /vznikať/ mostly among family members, friends and schoolmates. It is important to have a good collective at school, because you spend a lot of time with these people. But I can not say I am satisfied with relationships in our class. Actually we are not real collective, there are just small groups or couples in the class and only these people understand and talk each other. It is sad, but it is true. First I though it is like this only in our class, but then friends from other classes told me there is the same situation also in their classes. But in our family we have good relationships. Nowadays both my older sisters are in Great Britain, so that from three children I stayed the only child at home with my parents. I feel a little alone because I miss them but we still keep in touch and I am happy they are successful abroad. With my parents I understand well, too. But time to time I don’t like when they are too afraid of me. I know it is not bad thought, but I think it is not necessary. Because I feel like I was all the time only a baby. But I really love my family and it is important.
In our life we need to have also somebody whom we can tell everything and who help us, when we need it. Real friend is a big worthy for each of us. Because he/she is here for us wherever we need him/her and he/she doesn’t want anything as a reward. In friendship is therefore very important that between these people do not begin rivalry and jealousy. Than it is friendship no more. Because real friend is happy when the other is successful and doesn’t try to be better at any cost like the other is. I personally have found a best friend. We have known each other since kindergarten, we were going to the same class and we were sitting together almost whole primary school, we live in the same village and now we attend the same secondary school and we are again together in the class. But in general I have more friends among boys. I have some good friends (girls) from my village and class, but majority of my friends are really boys. I have met them mostly on discos and at parties not only in Nitra.
Nowadays we have many opportunities to meet new people. Very famous in present is to travel abroad to study, improve language skills or to earn money. This is according to me the best way how to meet new interesting people. Another possibility is also chat. There is a huge amount of chat sites and chat rooms. Maybe to find friend through chat is a modern way of pen friend. Part of our life is naturally also having of a boy/girlfriend. I think in this world it is very difficult to find a good partner for us. Values in the life changes and many people are looking just for money, fun and success. These attributes are not connected with relation between man and woman, who love each other. In this modern era also women want to be successful and therefore they don’t want to have a baby immediately after marriage. First they want to reach some level in their career. Also because of it many couples live nowadays without marriage. They live in one house, they lead the same household or even have children, but they are not married. I think this way of cohabitation is practical, because these people can try life together and just after time they find out, if they really love each other or no. If they still want to be together, then they marry. And if no, they just leave. I think this way is better for both, that to marry as a young couple fallen in love and then they want to divorce.

Relationships are really important part of our lives so that we have to behave in the way we want to be treated from the other people.
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