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History: Human life depends all the time on nature. Thousands of years ago people lived thanks to nature. They found out that its power and products are useful for life. So that they cut wood to make a fire and shelter /prístešky/, picked wild fruits and killed animals for food and fur /kožušina/. They began with farming, building of houses and domestication of animals. Already at that time man took whatever from nature, but he did not do anything to recreate /obnoviť/ that part of nature. But later it was even worse. Population grew and people needed more for their lives. They discovered many products and techniques how to get from nature what they need, for example fertilizers /umelé hnojivá/, pesticides, electricity or vehicles, but, unfortunately, they were not interested that these activities damage nature. And now, in the 21st century there are more than 6 billion inhabitants on the Earth, which is in a big threat and future of humankind as well as future of Earth will survive only if we start to revitalize and to protect nature. Because the state of environment is critical.
We have to face /čeliť/ to problems like deforestation, acid rain, ozone hole, greenhouse effect, weather changes or disappearance of many animal and plant species. Our consume lifestyle caused climatic changes known as global warming. We can see it every day and in each part of the world. You just turn on TV and hear that it was strong earthquake in Japan, tsunami in countries surrounded by Indian Ocean like India, Indonesia, Thailand, big fires in Greece, droughts in Portugal and Spain, tornadoes and hurricanes in the United States and Mexico or melting of icebergs in Antarctica. But we do not have to go so far away from Slovakia, also in our country we were witnesses that state of the Earth is out of control. In 2005 there was a big fire in High Tatras in our national park and we still have problems to renew damaged parts of woods.

Kurssi thaimaan baht (THB) - Thaimaa
Man should find out new ways how to product new goods and to live in mode which is not harmful /neškodný/. Big problem is that reserves of mineral resources are almost spent. Coal, oil, iron, copper or aluminium will not be here for us forever. It is important to continue in research and to begin to use solar, nuclear energy and to recycle. But also this is not so simple.
For example some years ago we began to use plastic. At the beginning producers used to say that plastic goods would be good, high quality and cheep. But now we see that they are not so cheep at all and we have problems with its storing at waste dumps /skládky odpadov/.
Later, big boom was using of nuclear energy. But building of nuclear power station divided countries into 2 groups – into countries which prefer this kind of energy - for example France, and into countries which are strictly against it because they see its negatives. The biggest two are problems with storing of nuclear waste and the threat of explosion of nuclear power station, like it was in “Černobyl”.  Maybe the best solution is using of solar energy. There are already some solar cars, but its production is still too expensive.
But if humankind and the Earth should survive, we have to invest money into science and ecology. Important is support of government.
There are also many organisations which try to protect environment, the most widely-known are volunteer organisations Greenpeace and Children of the Earth. There are people who are interested in future of the Earth. For example in summer there were big concerts in big cities in the world during the day of Earth. Many singers like Madonna, Black Eyed Peas or Red Hot Chilli Papers sang here and helped to inform public about global changes and to save money for it. Or in Switzerland one famous photographer wanted to protest together with people against polluting of the Earth by taking of a photo, on which there are hundreds of nude people standing in front of Aletsch Glacier, the biggest one in Europe.
Each of us can help to nature. We can reduce using of fertilizers, pesticides and other chemical products, stop wasting with electricity and oil, to separate garbage into glass, paper and metal product, to give them to recycling and to buy recycled goods.

Our future depends on us, because we damage nature as well as we can save it for us, our healthy life and for life of our children.

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