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Mass media. We hear this word almost daily. In our modern world it is inseparable part of our life. But what does this word actually mean? Well, simply said it is a modern instrument of communication, which can mediate /sprostredkovávať/ and broadcast information. Mass media has 3 general functions: to inform, teach and to entertain us. In fact, under this word are included press, radio broadcast, TV, film and theatre. Nowadays we live in era of technical and revolution. We use daily new appliances which were found out thanks to development in science. It is for example computer, internet, mobile phone and others. Even technologies which were only a few years ago absolute news are nowadays something old, what is no more in. It is for example classical computer set, fixed telephone, video or cassette recorder. Now we use for the same reason notebook, mobile phone, DVDs and mp3 players. But they all now as well as theirs ancestors serve for the same task – to inform us as quickly as possible about news from home and abroad, weather or just about new gossips from show business.
According to me the most effective instrument among mass media is internet. Because with a few clicks in a moment you find on this World Wide Web just the information you want what is very effective.
Maybe one of the oldest information instruments is press. First books were handwritten what was too laborious /pracné/, but thanks to Johann Gutenberg who invited book-printer this problem was solved. Now the market is full of books, newspapers and magazines oriented on every topic in our life. You just have to decide what you want to read about. If you want to know the hottest gossips you take some boulevard magazine, for which is in Slovakia considered journal Nový čas or abroad tabloid newspapers like The Sun, The Daily Mirror or The Daily Mail. There are also many specialised newspapers – from local area, historical, do-it-yourself, gastronomic, financial newspapers or that ones which are given for women, mother, children, teenagers… As I said, you just have to choose the most interesting one for you. Also book market is really wide. There is offered a huge read material from Encyclopaedias through autobiography to fairy tales and poetry. A big pity is the price wanted for books. It is also considerable /značný/ reason, why people of nowadays read just a poor amount of books.
No wonder – many of us prefer to sit in front of TV watching some film or TV programme rather than to spend time by reading if you can see the same thing as a movie and it is maybe better worked /spracovaný/, more interesting and it even takes less time than to read a broad /hrubý/ book. I think television has a big pro, because watching foreign-language TV channels you can learn foreign language in interesting way. But great con is the fact that many of us just don’t move, they just sit and eat in front of TV so that they live consume lifestyle which is unhealthy.
According to me good mass media is radio broadcasting. Radio is used also at some works and it is also good way how to spend time. Also at work you can have radio on and listen to it even if just as a background. You don’t feel so alone, it makes you a good mood and during news you receive new facts from the world what had happened or you are informed what will happen. Also by household works you can turn it on, for example when you cook, iron clothes, tidy your house up… As well as by TV you can listen to foreign language radio station to improve your language skills. New way how to listen to radio is also listening through internet, which is famous and favourite mostly by people living abroad who want to listen even if for a while to their mother language. Many times when I was listening to radio, moderator read e-mail received from students working in Great Britain who used to listen to this Slovak radio through internet. And I find it nice that also our people abroad want to stay in contact with their homeland.
From all these instruments of mass media I prefer internet. My notebook is on almost the whole day and if I don’t write something to school and listen to music, I am on internet. I like chat with my friends on ICQ, I watch some interesting and funny videos or read articles. It is also possible to watch TV news and other programmes through internet; you just need big speed of internet. First I used to listen to radio a lot but nowadays I listen to radio only for half an hour when it wakes me up in the morning. And I don’t like to watch TV; it is too boring for me. I used to watch only my favourite serials – Prison Break, Dr. House and Lost, but now I have them all on DVDs so I turn TV on only recently. In general I prefer the most modern way of mass media as well as many other young people in this generation.
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