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Every human being is a unique personality having a lot in common with other people but also being different from other People. We have in common that we are born; live our individual life and we die. During our life we learn how to get on with other people. As individuals we have different personal qualities which sometime cause problems, because we have both positive and negative qualities.

Some of us are friendly, tolerant, generous and always are ready to help those people who need it. It said that modern society makes people lazy, intolerant and selfish. It may be true, but there are lot op people who work for charity. They give their money, work voluntarily trying to solve other people’s problems. The places where we should be given examples of how to behave, what to do or not to do in different life situations are in family and school.

Family is extremely important for shaping our personal qualities, here we learn about the world and make first contacts with other people. If a child is loved, he or she will love, if he is hit, he will hit. We learn about the world and make first contacts with other people. School is nearly as important in our personal development as family. When we enter school we become a part of society. Here we should learn how to cooperate with other people, how to accept other people’s views, how to compromise with people. Our parents were our first role models. They brought us up and taught us to be polite and friendly. We were taught to greet and respect people and help those who may need our help.

Later, when we started going to school, we became a part of society. We learned to be tolerant, patient and self – disciplined, but also hard – working. These qualities are necessary if we want to be successful. At school, we learned how to share our ideas with others. For some of us, our teachers became our role models.
The teenage years are the most important period in the development of your personalities. Teenagers look for role models outside their family or school. They look for idols – people they can admire and follow. Because teenagers love music, movies or sport, they might choose people like pop singers, movie stars and famous

sportsmen. The teenagers try to follow their idols in everything – in clothing, hairstyles and lifestyles. So the influence of these people in enormous and it has become a big business. Some celebrities are drug and alcohol addicted, their behaviour is eccentric and wild, they don’t respect people around them and they think they are better than others. Some young people follow in their footsteps, falling into addiction, alcoholism and partying.
Young people start looking for examples outside among famous personalities – sportsmen, film stars, pop stars. They look for somebody to identify with, somebody they can admire and follow. Nowadays teenagers try to follow their idols in everything – in style of clothing, make-up and hairstyle. They are prepared to travel long distances and pay a lot of money jest to have a chance to see their idols.
During our life we learn how to get on with other people how to cope with problems. As individuals we have both positive qualities (virtues) and negative qualities (vices). Some of us are friendly, tolerant, helpful and hard – working. The others are lazy, self – centred, selfish and intolerant. We are influenced by our parents, teachers, friends, schoolmates, celebrities and the society in which we live.

On the other hand, there are some famous people who are positive role models. They organise live performances and mega concerts to raise money for charities who work with orphaned children, starving people or those suffering from terrible diseases, like AIDS. Many singers have helped to promote a new vision of the world – a vision based on peace and love.

Good role models can be found in literary works, too in stories and novels. Most literary heroes are people with high moral standards. Then there are everyday heroes – lifeguards, soldiers, fire-fighters, people who are brave and they risk their lives to help the victims of natural and man – made disasters, such as earthquakes, floods and war.
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