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1) Each of my days is full of work and duties, therefore I am always busy and short of time. This merry-go-round starts on Monday morning and ends on Friday, but sometimes it’s also on weekend. I usually get up at seven o’clock or six fifteen - it depends on school. It is a big problem for me because I like to sleep late till twelve o’clock. After waking up I do my hygiene routine (I wash my face and hands, brush my teeth, dry with a towel). Than I decide what to wear. After getting dressed I just do some make-up and sometimes take my contact lenses and than I comb my hair. Then I go to eat my breakfast.

I must be at school at 8 o’clock and that takes me half hour from my house by the tram number 7. Every morning I learnt something for school to improve my knowledge. Three times per week starts my school at 9 o’clock. The lesson is forty-five minutes long and breaks are ten minutes, expect one long break between the second and the third lesson, which is twenty minutes long. Lessons take place in various classrooms, labs and gym. After my lessons I usually go for lunch to the canteen. Then I have usually afternoon lessons or seminars. On Monday I have after school a lesson of calanetic.
On Thursday and Tuesday I have three-hour German course. On Wednesday and Friday I have free afternoon.

When I come home I must something to eat. Than I make a comfortable and started to do my homework or learn for test or exams. I listen to radio or cassette player. Sometimes I relax for a while or surf on Internet. The time passed quickly and all of the evening is gone in a while. We have our supper in various times. Then I take a shower or have a bath and watch TV when is on something interesting. From time to time I travel to the city and go to the cinema or to some interesting concert or theatre performance or just sit in some cafes. I must be home till twelve p.m.

I’m very happy when the week ends and a weekend comes because I can sleep late and I can plan my leisure time as I wish. Of course I must learnt or prepare some things to school. But I can spend more time with my friends. I also must help my parents with some house works, but the most I like is just relaxing. These two days are for me the shortest in a week. I can also like after my hobbies, but that’s also so small time. But when I grow up I’m afraid it will be worst. I hope I’ll have not much busy job and have also free time. Sometimes I’m like workaholic but I really need to relax and sleep long time. I would like to change it but I don’t know how. There is no way because everyone must go to school or earn some money so we must get up early.
2) I usually get up at 6:30 a.m., when I hear that awful sound of my mobile phone. In summer it’s good, but in winter I hate getting up and leaving that warm place – the bed. Sometimes I take a shower in the morning to wake up. I have breakfast every day. It takes me 20 minutes. I watch telly, while I’m eating it. Then I brush my teeth, get dressed and prepare my snack. Finally, I go to school at 7:30 a.m. I’m lucky that grammar school I attend is in my home town and I don’t have to commute every day to Prostějov. School begins at 8:00 a.m. Sometimes I’m still yawning the first lesson.

I spend at school six or seven hours every day and we have a different timetable for each day. I don’t have lunch in a school canteen because I don’t like those cooked meals. At home, I change my clothes and do my housework. Then I prepare for the following day. It takes me nearly three hours! After I do it I usually read some book, listen to music or do what I enjoy. I have a cold dinner, but sometimes I don’t eat in the evening because I’m not hungry. Then I have a shower. I try to get to bed early, at 10:00 p.m. Naturally, the weekends are different. We go to our cottage and work in the garden. I don’t like working in the garden very much, but sometimes there’s a need to do it. The best thing to do on the weekend is “nothing“.
3) I usually get up at six o’clock. Then I go to the kitchen and have a quick breakfast. I brush my teeth, get dressed and prepare my snack. Finally, I go to school at quarter past seven by bus. My first lesson starts at eight o’clock. I spend at school six or seven hours every day. At half past twelve I have a lunch at school. At home a change my clothes and do my homework. After, I watch TV, listen to the music or do something what I like. At nine o’clock I have a shower and brush my teeth. I try to get to bed early, at ten o’clock. My weekends are different. On Saturday I stay in bed to eleven o’clock. I watch TV and help my mother with house works. Then I go out with my friend. On Sunday I help my mother with lunch. Then I do my homework.
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