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Dátum: 08.06.2009
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Many stars and celebrities ale usually hardly working on them and after, when they became famous they see that there isn’t everything so pink and fair.
For example, journalists or photographers are big problem in their life. I think it is good, when they are writing about you, and you are well-known all over the world, but just when it’s true and the fotos are not collaged or pasted up. Nowadays there are lot of photographers called paparazzi.

They are very aggresive and they want to take some hot fotos about the stars. But there are any more problemes connected with the fame. Celebrities are very stressed out of being always victimized by media. Some of the stars started to drink a lot of alkohol, take drugs and other. Lot of rock stars died young on cancer and heart disease. There is so much violence and accidents in their life. They are living fast life and it is not very healthy too.

In my opinion, celebrieties are not living happily and statisfiedly. For money they can buy big houses, rich cars, clothes from Dior but not success and health. I think it is too hard for them find a real friends and maybe that I never wanted to be a celebrity.
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