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Today’s society cannot imagine life without technology. Modern inventions are everywhere, even now in this very room. I wear watches that use microchip, I got electronic diary that uses microprocessor, most of us have cellular phone. Light in this class is provided by electricity.

The network of phones is pretty developed. It is divided into two parts. The first one means permanent (fixed) lines which are becoming less and less and quite expensive in the Czech republic. However they are still useful for computer connections. As to mobiles (the second part of the network of phones), they are the real explosion. Nearly everyone has one in our country. They are handy if you use it in the right occasions. They facilite the communication, they are useful for leaving messages or even for banking purposes. Otherwise mobiles are considered to be very annoying as many occasions are concerned (school, restaurant, transport in common, theatres, hospitals, ..) and we are not still sure about their side effects.
Our world is very huge and sending a message from America to Asia a hundred years ago was nearly impossible or it took a lot of time. Nowadays you can send the message in a few seconds and it is very simple. The media makes the world much smaller – particularly the TV and the Internet. When you turn on the TV or a computer you can see whole world like it would be in the next village. You can learn the culture and habits of other nationalities, you can see what they are doing right now. The world is also called „the global community village“.
Computers are the most important invention for the last generation. They are now used everywhere. They were constructed for helping people to do routine jobs (counting, writing, printing). You can play games, view pictures, photos, videaos, listen to music… Talking about actual use of computers has no sense, so I’ll have some words about the phenomenon of last years: the internet.

The Internet
Very huge, world-wide, very fast, lots of information – more than in TV, it costs a lot of money to have Internet today because you have to pay the provider (he has the entrance to Internet) and you have to pay the telephone if you use modem, hard link costs at least ? ??? crowns a month... But you can find there everything if you know how to find it.

Today era bring us many technological innovations, and so we discovered new kinds of media. One of the youngest is Internet. It is international network of computers. Some computers - called servers - are used to share information. Thanks service World Wide Web we can using our web client view information placed on web’s pages. These pages contains text and graphics and are connected with site of hypertext jumps between pages. For example, if I want know facts about expedition to Mars, I write to my web client address of NASA server and in 2 seconds I have on my computer screen page with required facts. Each internet user have own email address and so I can send letter to my friends in USA in minute. We can talk during this network in real time. In United states have internet connection many families, but our monopolistic Telecom defend it‘s price expansion of Internet.

It is a network of servers. Computers are connected to the servers either by telephone cables (the computer needs a modem) or by optic cables. The server is a provider. It provides a service which is payed by users. There are web pages (worl wide web) containing texts, pictures and everyone can find there what he is looking for. We can also have our own web pages which have to conform to laws. If you don’t have your server you can have your web pages on the one of your provider. The Internet is a global worldwide net of computers, where anyone can access anyone’s presented information (pictures, videos, programs, etc.), in very short time. It’s not important, how far is the computer, you want to access; also the costs are the same. Internet provides revolution-mailing system, called the e-mail (electronic mail). E-mails are short or long messages, that you can send to anyone. E-mail is the fastest solution of conventional kind of sending information, because in optimal case the mail can reach it’s addressee on the other part of the world in seconds…
Phones – mobile phones
hi-fi unit/stereo
record player – desky
tape deck
tower computer
mouse mat – podložka
cd-rom drive
oven – microwave oven
injekt printer
washing machine
prints – fotky
devloped – vyvolání filmu
Tv remote control
vacuum cleaner – vysavač
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Cudzie jazyky » Angličtina

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