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The begining of this school year was for me very different from previous ones I started it at hospital school. What kind of school is it? It differs from ours. A lot of pupils exchange there. All of them are friends and know each-other well.

The classes function on beds or in the classroom where pupils are expected by smiling teachers, with whom we not only learn but talk about various thing, too.
Pupils don´t attend this school with their school bags because all the staff waits for them in the classroom, or it is brought straight to a child on bed. Children don´t need school shoes and they learn in pyjamas or casual clothes. The classes are sometimes interupted by a nurse who provides pupils with necessary medicine or takes a child for examination.

In this school we treat each-other with kind word, smile, praise and tender touch. We are all egual. In the afternoon we join the school club, do many interesting things and our program is very rich. Time flies allways differently – once fast, once slowly. I´ve been here over a month and during this time I realised that not even in my school in Kežmarok but also here I´ve learnt a lot. I will keep in my heart the people I met here for a long time.

In a short time my healing procedures in Kováčová will start. I do hope that my time there will be as good as the one I had here – at hospital school in Banská Bystrica.

Thanks a lot.
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