„The school also in hospital“

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I was told ill. Fairly seriously. There were a lot of different medicines and days full of fear. What is going to be with me? Why is everyone around me so serious? What´s going on here? The doctor announced me: „ You have to be isolated.“ They gave me a room which is known as an „insulating tape“. I was really sad about it. I was afraid  what to do there. Shortly after it a teacher came to me and told me that we were going to learn. I thought that it was good because I wouldn´t be bored. However, at that time.

I didn´t  know how interesting the learning could be. I hadn’t realised that in the „insulating-tape“ it was possible to work with the internet. We were looking for interesting information about famous writers together, studying history and the time flied. I didn´t feel that  I was learning. On the one hand it semed to me but on the other one it was completely true, that the learning meant a fun for me. It  lasted the whole week.

Everyday a different teacher came to me and I mastered everything what I missed during the healing process. I was satisfied because although I didn´t attent school I was able to keep up with my classmates. I was chatting with then and they brought me a lot of news from the schoo. The time is over and I should go home. I´m happy that the school is also in hospital. Thanks for this chance.
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