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Thema 7: TRAVEL

Travelling is the best way, how people can get some information about foreign countries, another cultures and another ways of living. Many people like travelling. That´s their passion. But many people not. They better stay at home and feel save. If you are abroad your country just only as a tourist, you can´t get to know a foreign country well. Tourists like staying at the seaside, lying on the beach and getting a suntan, while others are onterested in local traditions, history and culture. Many tourists like to practise a foreign language with locals people.

The way how you spend your holidays depends mainly on money.  If you have a lot of money, you can go everywhere you want, with full service provided by travel agency which you choose. But if not, you can find right way how to have great holidays without travel agency with their full service such as luxury hotel, delicious food and another. You can try to travel on your own and stay for example at a campground or in rented bungalow or stay everywhere you want to. You have got freedom. You can do what you want and when you want on your own.

There´s new type of holiday called ´home swapping´. That means, that you can Exchange your home with home of family from another country. In my opinion it´s good deal, because you pay nothing for accomodation and as soon as you come to this your ´new  home´ you become a part of comunity with host´s friends and neighbours.

Organizing of holiday isn´t easy, because there are so many things to thing about. So it´s important to plan every step carefuly. Then if you´re on holiday you don´t have to be worrying.

We cannot forget to ways of transport. In 20th century people weren´t able to travel as we are. For long distances they travelled by sea on passender ships or ocean liners. The most popular passenger ship was and always is Titanic. It hit an iceberg in the Atlantic ocean and sunk.

For short distances there were always the bicykles and cars. Nowadays are for long distances very important means of transport sucha s trains, aeroplanes, undergrounds and buses.

In our country people use for everyday travelling usualy buses or trains. Both of them have got many adventages for us. For example train is more comfortable but bus could be cheaper.

allowances = zľava
avoid = vyhnúť sa
convenient = výhodný
far-flung = rozsiahly
fast-paced = rýchly
home-swapping = výmena domov
literally = doslova
purify = očistiť
reminder = pamiatka
undoubtely = nepochybne

afield = ďaleko, do cudziny
hold luggage = odovzdaná batožina
nail-file = pilník na nechty
rabies = besnota
supplement = doplatok
unsikable = nepotopiteľný
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