Student entrepreneur loan guidelines

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Student entrepreneur loan guidelines
Get money you need for business today!*
The student entrepreneur loan will let you in a very simple way to raise money that will enable you to start your business. The loan is near the ends of your fingers. Read on how to get it!
The student entrepreneur loan is determined for students, who are planning to set up their own business. Provides up to SKK 2 million for starting up the business up to maximum 60% of total cost of the investment with a maturity term up to 5 years.
What are the requirements to get the student entrepreneur loan?

- First of all, you must be a student at the age from 18 years and you must have the permanent residence on the territory of the Slovak Republic.
- Secondly, you should have a business plan containing all the information listed below.
- And lastly, you have to visit our branch to see one of our representatives.

What documents do I need to get the loan?
- filled application for a loan (our representative will help you with this form)
- Citizen Identification Card + one other identification with photograph (passport or driving license)
- confirmation of school attendance
- Business plan (see below)
- if you have already registered your company, you will need also an extract from the Commercial Register or the Trade Register
- you must have a current account with MartinBanka, if you do not have any, one will be opened for you

What should the Business plan contain?
- why the project/manufacture would be successful, where you, as an entrepreneur, can see the main reasons for success?
- basic description of the manufacturing process
- calculation of the costs and revenues
- description of the investment in respect of which you apply for the loan (price, manufacturer, how demanding is the installation, and commissioning of the equipment, etc.)
- description of suppliers (do any relations with suppliers already exist?)
- description of customers (do any customers for the given investment exist?)
- basic milestones (time schedule from purchase of the machine, through installation, commissioning, until collection of the first revenues)
Do I need to provide any guarantee?

- No! A good business plan describing a good business strategy is a sufficient guarantee for us.

What are the interest rates? What else will I pay for?
- Interest rates are from 6.00% p.a. depending on the sum and the maturity term you choose.
- A bank margin of 2% will be subtracted from your loan amount.
How will I repay the loan?
- A loan should be repaid by regular monthly installments. The maximum grace period for principal repayment is 6 months.
OK, I am interested! What is the process?
- you should collect the required documents and visit our representative
- after you have been approved, you will get your personal loan cash deposited into your account
- after 6 months you will start with repayment of the loan

If you are interested in provision of the loan, you may agree on personal consultation with the consultant in any MartinBanka branch, or simply contact our customer support center and request one of our representatives to visit you. According to your individual needs, you may discuss with our representatives your business plan, strategies, and objectives.
* You can apply for a loan today, but we reserve the right to check your application for a loan and your business plan up to 30 days.
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