My Communication Skills (A Short Report)

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  This report explains the way of my communication with other people. It also clarifies my skills to react and improvise in various situations in my ordinary as well as professional day to day life. Given information and facts are leading from my existing life experiences, own feelings and reflections of other people.
- Using the Phone
Communication over phone is an essential part of our lives. Using the phone is the main fulfil of my working activities in spite of internet and e-mails time. I work in Customers help and technical support centre so the majority of phone calls I receive have an official and representative character. More than half of these calls are in English language. These activities require an ability not only to adapt promptly to customer requirements but to customers language and way of communication. I can easily manage to adapt to English language thanks to my daily rich work experience and react as quickly as this would be expected in my native language. Another very favourite and useful way of communication in these times is videoconferencing, which is part of my work too. In this visual communication it is expected from me to use mimic and body language beside spoken abilities. Many people consider video conferencing as an advantage in communication but I rather prefer classic phone calls more. As an invisible phone user I can better focus on facts related to the problem.

- Using email
I shall examine my abilities in email communication in this part of the report. I receive and send hundreds of e-mails including informal communication with friends, technical but understandable communication with customers and official and business e-mails with colleagues and employees of other companies. Various types of e-mails require also different sorts of writing and forms of e-mail texts. In spite of fact, even I am mostly writing e-mails than using any other communication with customer; I consider it as the most difficult. I have to pay attention to technical aspect of the problem resulting from the field of interest of our company and at the same time I need to keep e-mail written in clear, simple and familiar form which will help the customer to understand and solve his issue. A lot of people have difficulties to write official e-mails to socially more important people, for example a superior. However, that is not my case as I always manage to choose and use right words, which allows me - as an example - to write an refusing attitude to any subject getting around insulting or discrediting someone.

- Giving presentations
Giving presentations is one of expressions which I do use at work but have an opportunity to try at school as well. Giving presentations possess in combination of various acts such as choice of topic, exact analysis and subdivision of pointed problem, providing data, completing interesting and useful presentation as well as smart and fluent presenting to the audience. According to my existing experiences with presentations I can say this section of communication is very familiar to me. Thanks to my ability to improvise and adapt to new information, I am able to create interesting presentations in a very short time.
As you can see in the main part of this report, communication skills in sphere of telephoning, electronic communication and giving presentations are not a problem for me. I have chosen them because each of these contacts represents different way of communication - telephoning - as a direct dialog between two or more people, e-mail - also a dialog, but without direct confrontation with partners, and presentation - as a monolog which has to interest and advice. My quality of speech, knowledge of foreign language, ability to improvise and quick adapting according to new situations help me to hold back to these issues. Proof of these assertions is my working success and satisfaction of my superiors, as I am dealing with these kinds of communication with people on my daily basis.
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