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Dátum: 04.09.2010
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Hello everybody,
as part of the ongoing Internet usage monitoring, it was found that the Internet is being used for non-work related purposes which causes slow performance.
Effective immediately, Internet access is prohibited to all users except those, who need it for business critical purposes. All other users should access the Internet only during the lunch break or outside the working hours.
· Impact and Action Required
- No changes are being made to the IT environment, so everyone will be able to access the Internet at any time as till now.
- BUT, please try to avoid browsing the Internet during the working hours if not necessary.
· Next actions
Please note, that the monitoring will continue and if no decrease will be seen, Internet access will be denied to all users by default. Access will be granted only for users with business specific needs after their manager approval.
If you have any questions or concerns don't hesitate to contact me.
Thanks for understanding and King regards,

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