A Letter of Complaint

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Mister Sleep Mattress (A Letter of Complaint)

15 Robotnícka St.
851 03 Bratislava, Slovakia
28th November 2004
Mister Sleep Mattress
Consumer Complaint Division
1018 Crag Hill Road
BD10 0AA, Addison, UK
Re: Mister Sleep Mattress

Dear Sirs,

Three weeks ago, on 5th November 2004 I bought the above mattress at a cost of 27.000,- Sk.

When I visited your establishment on 5th November 2004 and the item was described to me as a middle-of-the-line brand name mattress for restful and refreshing sleep, it was on the basis of your description in your advertisement and your store – guarantee me with good night sleep, that I proceeded with the purchase. I have subsequently discovered that the mattress does not match that description and is useless as a mattress as the mattress coils are sticking into my back.

As your description was a key factor in my decision to buy the mattress, the sale was one 'by description', and as the mattress does not correspond with that description, you are in breach of contract. I am therefore exercising my rights under the Law of The Sale of Goods from 2001, article 2.5, clause C, to reject the mattress and expect you to reimburse me with a refund of the full purchase price of 27.000,- Sk within 14 days.

It seems to me that once you have the customer’s money, the customer is no longer of any interest to you. I am thoroughly dissatisfied with the way in which I have been treated at your store even I did not receive the item you have been paid for.

If you fail to reimburse me I shall have no alternative but to issue a summons against you in the county court for recovery of the money without further reference to you. The content of this letter is based on the advice from JUDr. Milan Vražda who have been consulted concerning this matter and have allocated it reference number 1833/2004.

Yours Sincerely,

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