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Radio News

Good morning! We hope we’re not waking you up! It’s 9 a.m. and you are listening to ABS morning news service! Your financial information highway!
Jaslovské Bohunice nuclear plant to be replaced by CHP plant!
New policy has been prepared by the Slovak Economic Ministry which sets the main goals for the Slovak energetic future. The policy deals with the ways to pressure the safety of nuclear power stations, to save energy and support the use of renewable energy sources and alternative motor fuels. But most of all, it prefers building of the combined heat and power (CHP) plants, where electricity and thermal energy are produced from a common fuel source. As Steffen Schattner, head of operations at the VSE energy distribution company and Dana Kršáková, spokesperson for the SPP natural gas utility have said, they are satisfied with the new policy as their companies are already preparing steps for the ecological energy production.

Slovak citizens to work abroad since May!

In May, after initial 2 years in the EU, Slovak citizens will achieve the right to work in the countries of the EU without any restrictions. As Slovakia has joined EU in 2004, Sweden, Ireland and Great Britain opened their labour markets for us. But now, after two years in the EU, another 10 countries will open their labour markets. Only Germany and Austria’s labour market will stay closed for citizens of other EU countries. As Austrian Federal Economy Minister Martin Bartenstein said: “Austria has the second highest ratio of new EU citizens on its labour market”. The number has doubled last year and Austria will do anything to avoid the same situation to happen this year.

Kurssi ruotsin kruunu (SEK) - Ruotsi

Iceland to join the EU?

The Iceland’s performance is impressive. Unemployment rate is near zero, and the economy has diversified far beyond fish to such areas as banking and telecoms. Also Iceland’s companies employ more than 10000 people abroad. But during the past two weeks severe financial tremors have jolted Iceland. The worries over rising inflation, whopping current-account deficit and widespread fears of a crash in Reykjavik’s dizzy house prices started a sharp sell-off of the Icelandic krona. Mr. Asgrimsson created a stir by predicting that Iceland would be a member of the EU by 2015. His arguments are the facts, that Iceland is in almost every other international club and that if Britain, Sweden and Denmark join Euro, 70% of countries international trade would be in euros.

People are not watching TV!

Are you used to watch TV in the evenings? And do you also catch the adverts during the broadcast? As the recent research proved – 35 million US people read blogs at work, nearly everyone in Western Europe has a 3G phone and by the end of the decade 40% of TV audience will be using video or DVD recorder which will skip recording during the TV ads. This is a serious problem for marketing activities of any company as they have to be more creative and must succeed by trying new things as presented by Ralph Kugler, president of HPC.

Globalization can wipe any company…

A lightning strike on a semiconductor plant in New Mexico caused a huge loss of sales for Ericsson and in addition, Ericsson quit making its own handsets. The story is one of many in the brand new Barry Lynn’s book about threats of globalization. Journalist Mr. Lynn describes that companies nowadays relay on a single supplier for some of their parts or services. And that many companies do not even know who is supplying their suppliers. Mr. Lynn is concerning about how companies like Dell, Boeing and Wal-Mart have become primary supply-chain managers. Mr. Lynn believes that some form of regulation is needed to help eliminate risks, as no one knows where the next lighting bolt will strike!
My name is Martin Valdner. That’s the end of our morning news!
You are listening to the ABS radio! Enjoy the sunny morning and keep listening! And smiling.
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