Software house acquisition

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Software house acquisition (Writing Task 2)
I will try to explain all the pros and cons of all the proposed methods:
To let the MD of the software house communicate the news to the staff in his own way: The assumption is that the MD knows the staff and therefore he will be able to choose the best form of communicating the news. Also the staff members know him and it is always better to have key changes communicated by someone who they know. So yes, I agree with this method.
To send each employee a personal letter giving the news: As the same changes should be communicated to all the staff members, I see no sense to send each employee a personal letter. Yes, they can have the feeling, that someone is taking care of them as individuals, but in this situation some of them could have a feeling, that each letter is different and that some people will be promoted and another fired.

To flash up an announcement on the computer screens of all employees announcing the takeover, and asking them to access a file entitled “Read Me” for further details: I don’t think that this technique could be used. The only case when I will agree with this technique is, if the staff is used to get information this way. But I assume that most of information is provided by e-mail. So if this is meant as an e-mail, then this solution is one of the betters.

To put up printed posters announcing the takeover:
Does anyone read posters? How would you feel, when you come to work and everywhere around you would be posters saying, that you are working for another company? In my opinion a hardcopy form of posting information is relic.
To hold a meeting of the whole staff which would be addressed by Turnkey’s Managing Director: This seems as the best solution of communicating the changes. But not by Turnkey’s MD, but by the software house’s MD, as this will be face-to-face from someone who all the staff members know. The Turnkey’s MD could also take part in the meeting, so the employees get to know him. Also if anyone will have any questions he or she can directly ask. For 24 members it is not very difficult to organize a meeting. For larger companies I would prefer an e-mail announcement.
To approach the two young women first – in secret: This idea is definitely not good one. Women always say everything :-) Sooner or later the other staff members will get to know what’s going on and the can feel deceived and some of them could start thinking about leaving the job.
To summarize - I would advise to communicate the changes by MD and for such a small group of employees I prefer the “all staff meeting”, when they can feel free to ask if something will not be clear to them.
If the Turnkey company will choose the flash up’s, the content should be very clear, i.e.: “Dear L&G, after a long period of negotiations and discussing all the benefits, we have signed a contract with Turnkey company. Since now we are part of their staff which results in some benefits (i.e. new company bonus scheme) for us. In turn, Turnkey would benefit out of our brilliant skills. For the time being, the operations remain the same, only the name of our employer changes. If you need more detailed info, please read the Read Me file. Regards, M.D.”
The content of the Read Me file should be exactly the same, but saying more details and exact figures. To once again say, that no changes are planned, that no one will be dismissed and that the operations remain the same. Also discuss more deeply the new bonus scheme, explain that it depends on the annual results and will be at about 5 to 9 percent. Also it would be fine to include a brief description of Turnkey’s history and company’s key facts and plans for the future.
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