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Cudzie jazyky » Angličtina

Autor: Chlapec studak (28)
Typ práce: Referát
Dátum: 16.02.2008
Jazyk: Angličtina
Rozsah: 384 slov
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Shopping is an activity that is necessary in our lives. Most people have to spend part of their day doing some kind of shopping for food or other essential items. We have a number of choices about where we go shopping. We can go to a big department store, a mall, a smaller local shop, or an outdoor market. Here are some of the more common specialty shops and what they sell there.

At a bakery you can buy bread, rolls, cookies, and cakes.
At a butcher shop you can buy meat and sausages.
At a clothing store you can buy clothes for men, women, or children.
At an electronics store you can buy TV sets and other electrical appliances.
At a florists you can buy flowers and plants.
At a garden shop you can buy grass seed, fertilizer, and garden supplies.
At a greengrocers you can buy vegetables and fruit.
At a hardware store you can buy tools, nails, and other building supplies.
At a shoe store you can buy shoes and shoe polish.
At a stationary store you can buy paper, stationery, and envelopes.  
At a sweet shop you can buy cakes, pastries, candy, and ice cream.
At toy store you can buy dolls, games, balls, and other toys.

Probably the type of store that people shop at most often is the supermarket. At a supermarket you can buy most any type of food: meat, cheese, eggs, milk, butter, bread, sugar, flour, tea, coffee, fruits, vegetables, and food preserved in jars and cans. There is much more available at a supermarket like cleaning supplies such as dishsoap, washing powder, and polishes and you can also find small household items. Another place where people do a lot of their shopping is at a department store. A department store has different sections where you can buy almost anything: clothes for men, women, and children, household supplies, hardware, garden supplies, electronics, CD's and tapes, books, furniture, jewelry, perfume and cosmetics.
An average Czech family goes shopping almost every day to a local market for necessary food. Once a week they might do a larger shopping trip for the weekend. Foreigners visiting our country might buy a nice picture book about our country, a record or compact disc, cut glass, china and dolls in national costumes.
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