Australia and New Zealand

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Australia and New Zealand
Talk about – rozprávajte o:
- General information – všeobecné informácie
- Places of interest in Australia  and New Zealand - zaujímavé miesta v Austrálii a na Novom Zélande

Australia is the smallest continent on the Earth. It has the population of about 18 million people. The capital city is Canberra. The currency is 1 AUD /Australian dollar/ and the official language spoken is English.
Australia is situated between the Pacific and the Indian Ocean. The island of Tasmania and some other islands belong to Australia. It is a federal state and it consists of /pozostáva z/:

- 6 states /provinces/
- 2 territories

The largest cities in Australia are: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.
The neighbouring countries /susediace krajiny/:
- Indonesia
- Papua New Guinea
- the Solomon Islands
- Vanatu
- New Zeland …

In central Australia there are 3 deserts /púšte/:
- Sandy Desert
- Gibson Desert
- Great Victoria Desert

Interesting places in Australia:
Sydney – a place where in 2000 the Olympic Games were held – it is a popular tourist place => there is the famous Opera House – there are many cultural events held – concerts, theatre performance, modern dance and so on. Some people go to Sydney to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge – it’s a very adrenalin experience.
Canberra – the capital city of Australia and the biggest city in Australia – people can see the Australian National Gallery /Austrálska Národná Galéria/, the Canberra Theatre and Playhouse, the Australian War Memorial /Austrálsky vojnový pamätník/ and other places. The National Library of Australia /Národná knižnica/ is also famous – a copy of every book which is published in Australia, must be held by the National Library of Australia => it is given by Australian law /je to dané austrálskym zákonom/.
Melbourne visitors go to Melbourne to see the Carlton Gardens, the Melbourne Museum and other sightseeing places.
the Earth – zem
currency – mena
situate – nachádzať sa
between – medzi
island – ostrov
belong to – patriť /niekomu/
to be held – konať sa  /the Olympic Games were held – Olympijské hry sa konali/
event – udalosť
theatre performance – divadelné predstavenie
to climb – šplhať sa, vyliezť na niečo
adrenalin experience – adrenalínová skúsenosť
also – tiež
famous – slávny
a copy  - kópia
every book – každá kniha
A copy of every book published in Australia must be held by the National Library of Australia. = Kópia každej knihy vydanej v Austrálii musí byť držaná /nachádzať sa v/ Národenej knižnici Austrálie.
visitor – návštevník
sightseeing places – miesta, kam si chodíme pozerať pamiatky
New Zealand is an island state in Oceania => it is situated in the Pacific ocean. It has the population of about 4 million people. It consists of /pozostáva z/:

- 2 main islands – 2 hlavné ostrovy:
- the North Island – severný ostrov
- the South Island – južný ostrov
- many smaller islands – mnoho malých ostrovov

The nearest neighbours /najbližší susedia/ are:
- New Caledonia
- Fiji
- Tonga

The capital city is Wellington. The official head of New Zealand is Queen Elizabeth II. The official languages are English and Maori.
Other big cities in New Zealand:  Auckland, Christchurch, Hamilton.
Aucklandit is in the North Island => visitors can see many beautiful parks in Auckland – for example Auckland Domain, Albert Park, Victoria Park.
Christchurch – in the South Island => it was named after the Christ Church Cathedral
Wellington – it is the capital city of New Zealand => the seat of the parliament. It is the political centre of New Zealand, but also the centre of theatre and film industry => visitors can visit the Museum of New Zealand, the Royal New Zealand Ballet. There are also many night clubs, art and cultural events => people living in Wellington have a very good quality of life according to statistics.

an island state in Oceania – ostrovný štát v Oceánii
other – ďalšie
it was named after – bolo pomenované po
the seat of the parliament – sídlo parlamentu
film industry – filmový priemysel
cultural events – kultúrne udalosti
according to statistics – podľa štatistík
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