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My hobbies 

I like doing sports. Among my favourite ones belong basketball, baseball, volleyball, aerobics and sometimes gymnastics. I like skiing and swimming as well. When I was small I wanted to be a basketball player. My friends say that I look like a furious bull when I´m playing basketball.

It´s great to feel like a winner. I do sports for pleasure, not for winning. I used to hate playing volleyball. Once I´ve even tried to play beach volleyball. It´s quite difficult because you´re moving in sand, which is usually hot and very soft. Swimming is another activity I like. Every summer we go to Koryčany to swim. There is a great swimming pool with cool and clear water. There is also a life-guard. I don´t usually go swimming in winter, although there is a swimming pool in Prostějov.

I started to ski when I was 11. I love it. Every winter we go to the mountains to downhill ski. After skiing you´re exhausted. Then it´s good to have delicious pancakes with chocolate and cream. Aerobics is also my favourite hobby. Sometimes it can look like dancing because it´s quite similar. You´re moving with the rhytm of music.

Every Friday and Saturday I go to the gym. Sometimes we play football or volleyball there. I spend quite lots of time on studying, but I have enough leisure time for my hobbies. My other hobbies are reading, listening to music, travelling and learning foreign languages. I´d like to travel round the world. When I was 5, I played the violin and the flute. Two years later I started playing the piano.

If I had been wiser, I wouldn´t have give up playing these instruments especially violin. Every Monday I go to Olomouc for special English lessons. I´d like to prepare for FCE examination next year. I don´t watch TV very often because I don´t have much time for it. In our school you don´t have many possibilities for group hobbies. Mostly you can do some sport or learn foreign languages (Spanish, Russian, French).

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Cudzie jazyky » Angličtina

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