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The district of Prievidza forms the center of Hornonitrianska valley, which extends in the basin of the river Nitra in its upper part till the junction with Nitrica in Partizánske. The highest point is Kľak 1 351 m and the lower point is the junction of Nitra and Nitrica.

The spring of the river Nitra, which springs under Kľak was baptized and in the year 1998 declared for the Slovak National River, This was in connection with the fact that according to the blue color of the meanders and swamps at the town Nitra, the blue color became a component of the national symbol of Slovakia. There are celebrations taking place every year at the spring as a fringe meeting to the celebrations of the Days of Saint Cyril and Methodius in Prievidza.

There are very important thermal springs in Bojnice and sulphidic mineral springs in Bystričany (Chalmová). These natural and geographical conditions, as well as the remaining of a rich history since the later Stone  Age create from this region a very attractive place for both native and foreing visitors.

Prievidza has an excellent gographical position in the middle of the Horná Nitra Valley. The area of the town had been inhabited since the later Stone Age, but the first written evidence came from the document of the Zobor Abbey in the year 1113.

The first workshops were established by drapers, tailors, buttonmakers and butcher.
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