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Our green ribbon party

Our prom celebration held 07/11/2009 at our school canteen. We are all looking forward to it. Some more, some less. Decorations we had really wonderful. Topic of graduation was puzzle and our lives for four years at school. The canteen was decorated with ceiling hung crystals and wall was decorated with puzzle pictures from our childhood and trips.

Prom ceremonial started, followed by transfer of graduation ribbons and toast. As is customary, we had to prepare a program for parents and teachers. And as is customary in our class, we prepare it at the last minute. We remember for our ski school, dance, breaks, exams and even our professors. Everyone was nervous, but eventually everything worked out perfectly.  Everyone was satisfied with the program. Professors praised us for one of the best programs they ever seen. Although some say it slowly each class.

After the program, followed free entertainment. Everyone dance. At midnight class teacher gave us cake with our names and after that followed entertainment until morning. After the ceremony we moved into the local disco club. Everyone was tired, but happy and satisfied. I came home about 6 a.m. and I immediately fell asleep.

My prom celebration will never forget and I will remember it for life as one of the best experiences with the best classmates I ever had. When it was over, all the wish to experience it all again.
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Cudzie jazyky » Angličtina

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