Young people and their world

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Language in use: childhood, adulthood , youth, be in one` s teens, teenagers,  adolescent, youngsters, adults, generation gap, the young, the old, the elderly

parents about children:  do not  respect the older generation, are, impolite, badly behaved, use bad/vulgar language, are interested only in music, fashion, friends, do not study enough, do not think about future, spend too much time with friends, their music is deafening, their clothes and hairstyles are awful

children about parents:
are too conservative, stick to traditions, say always how different young people are today,  always scold us,  are always criticizing, do not like our clothes, hairstyles, music, our friends, say we are lazy, unwilling to work hard, do not respect our individuality, do not give us enough pocket money.
parental influence, rely on parents, respect authorities, have high/low self-esteem

spare  time activities: leisure time, attend youth centers, clubs, watch TV, go to fitness centers, play sports, computer games, take up sports like swimming, climbing, go in for sport, go to discos/pubs/concerts,
money: earn for living,  get pocket money, be careful with money, earn extra money, spend money on books,/CD/magazines/computer games, save up for st., a part-time job,  work at weekends, baby sitting, household  chores, do the washing, wash the car, do voluntary work, work for charity
school: do well at school, cope with problems, be optimistic/pessimistic about future

problems: drug abuse, gambling, vandalism,

Answer the questions and discuss:
1. What are the advantages/disadvantages of being young? Under 20? Under 30?
2. How do you spend your leisure time? What is your favourite free time activity?
3.    Are young people in our country interested in world problems? Give arguments.
4. How do you get on with your parents? Or elderly generation?
5. Have you ever get crossed with your parents because of “teenagers behaviour”? What is the most common  cause of conflicts between you and your parents?
6. What is generation gap? How could it be solved?
7. Are the drugs problem in our country? How should society help the young people who have become drug addicted?
8. What are the advantages of international programmes for young people? Which of them do you know?
9. Pros and cons of being young today
10. What opportunities do young people have at present, e.g. job, education etc.?
11. Talk about five things you like about your present age.
12. Talk about the right age for getting married, joining the army, getting driving licence, buying alcoholic drinks, etc.

Topic for an essay:
- Young generation in a present world. (pros and con of being young today, compare it  e.g. with your parents)
 (180 words)

A: Your parents want you to continue in study at university.
B:  You want to take a “year off” and travel abroad. You want to go on in your study next year.

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Cudzie jazyky » Angličtina

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