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A. My name is Zuzana Novakova.This name gave me my father and I have also one sister. Her name is Eva and this name gave her my mother. I live with my family in our flat in Spišská Nová Ves, which is a small town in the east of Slovakia. I was born in this town 19 years ago. I celebrate my birthday every year on 26th of September. My sister is one year older than me so we are really good friends. My parents are married for 21 years. My father runs his own business with sweets and chocolates. My mother works as a teacher at Hotel-academy. She teaches economy and marketing. I don’t know if it is because of my mother but I would also like to study economy.

I would like to tell you more about my sister. She is one year older than me but everybody says that she looks younger than me. I am taller than she, so maybe it’s because of it. She has blue eyes and brown hair. She wears glasses. Fortunately she has similar figure to me so we can wear the same clothes. We have also the same taste so we can buy more clothes and then both of us can wear it. Because of her blue eyes she likes wearing blue clothes the most. My mother buys us modern clothes. My sister is a very nice girl. Her schoolmates wrote about her that she is a girl with pure heart and that she always gives love to the others and I agree with it absolutely.

Members of my family are my parents and my sister, but I have also my relatives: grandparents, uncle, aunt, cousins.
Relationship between siblings: when they are small children they usually fight and argue. When they are older they become friends and they stick together. They usually have the same hobbies. Sometimes there are also brothers and sisters that hate each other or that are best friends. Relationship between parent and children: is based on love, parents should be an authority for their children and children should have respect for parents. Parents look after children, when children grow up they argue with parents because of their own opinions. Relationship can be disturbed. Some parents are too strict and some don’t show their interest about children.
Grandparents: they spend a lot of time with grandchildren when they are small. Grand parents play with them, talk to them when parents don’t have much time. Their influence isn’t too big. They can spoil them because they are not as strict as parents.
Housework: children usually have to help parents with the household but they do easy housework, such as vacuum cleaning, dusting, washing up and tidying their room.
Family parties: they usually meet each other at birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries. They meet either at home or in a restaurant if it is a big celebration.

Vision of my family? I would like to have a family but only after university. My priority is to finish university successfully and then I can think about my wedding. I would like to have 2 children-girls, because I have also one sister and I can see how good it is to have 2 girls. I always used to dream about a perfect boy who will be handsome, smart and really kind. But now I know that no one is perfect. He should have the same opinions as me, he should be kind and he has to love me. But I believe that everyone can change and I would try to change his mistakes. I wouldn’t like to live in a house, because I have always lived in a flat and I like it. I don’t have so much work like around house. This flat should be situated near the center of the town and also near my work. I want to study at economy university so with this is connected also my work. Now I don’t know exactly what I want to do because I have enough time to think about it. But I would like to have interesting and well-paid job.

A family consists of people who are socially related to another one. Relations in family are based on love, respect, trust, understanding, adaptability, tolerance and communication.

Family in the past
used to be bigger, they used to have more children but now the average number of children in modern family is 2. Parents want to make career and also it is very expensive to have so many children. But in our society there are also gypsies. They have many children because they want to get more state allowances.

Generation gap: because of differences between two generations. There are discussions, arguments. You can show your disagreement by talk or behavior. The most common are arguments about +pocket money (children can work during summer holidays or weekends), +housework (young people are too lazy and parents are too pedant), +clothes (some parents don’t like the way their children dress. Some young people want to protest against society: punk, hippies), + marks (parents get angry about their children’s attitude to the study), + friends (they are afraid of bad influence of friends). Single-parent families: involve single parent and dependent children. Three main factors cause this structure of family: + divorce +pregnancy outside marriage +the death of a marriage partner. People get divorced: 1. they have arguments, quarrels 2.they can’t have a children 3.adultery 4. People can’t stand each other any more 5. Problems in family caused by alcohol lose job 6.when both have good job and want to have their own career 7. Aggressive –men beats his wife and children. 
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