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Education, schooling, study:
nursery schools – playing and doing some activities, socializing  with other children
kindergarten – USA , first year of school
primary school in GB  are divided into infant school [5-7] and junior school [7-11]
secondary school – children aged 11 – 18, junior high school,
compulsory education, secondary, university education
Nine-year attendance of primary education in Slovakia, secondary schools: “gymnazium”
/ secondary grammar school/ , eight-year gymnasium,  secondary technical schools, vocational schools, apprentice centers
Universities, attending lectures and tutorials, get credits and grades  ABCDE [if they pass], FX [if they fail], terms, academic year

Key words, language in use:

Headmaster/Headmistress, Principal, Director of Studies, Deputy Head, Head ofDepartment, Supervisor of Studies, teacher, student, pupil, apprentice, youngster, peer, undergraduate, graduate, freshman, tutor, professor, associate professor, instructor, lecturer, trainer
cheat, cram for, swot for [biflovat, sprtat, driet ], crib [odpisovat], practise,  revise, learn, teach, to be called on, rise hands, answer question, hand in the papers, work independently, practise st. under the teacher, s supervision, guess the meaning from the context, chat in English, to be encouraged to speak, to be appreciated, confidence, self-esteem
award, grant, prize, reward, scholarship, trophy, certificate, degree, diploma
doctorate, Master s degree in [Political Science]
article, assignment, composition, essay, dissertation, paper, report, thesis, library, periodicals, reference books, handbooks, dictionaries, library card, fee
credits, grades [AE], marks[BE], scores,  achievement, tests, progress test, oral testing, placement test [zaradovaci], curriculum, syllabus, optional subject, obligatory, science and humanities stream, elective, compulsory, pass an exam, do well, fail an exam, re-examination, with honours, listening, reading  comprehension, writing, speaking, language in use
Not bad. Well done. Good.  to punish, corporal punishment, strap[dat vyprask],smack[capnut]
Play truant[ulievat sa], truant [zaskolak], skip school , play hookey [AE][chodit poza skolu], miss lessons, be absent,
satchel, wax crayon, pen, pencil, pen case, text book, exercise book, note book, work book,
register, blackboard, chalk, sponge tray, blackboard sponge, wall map, projection screen, overhead projector, cassette, CD  player,
talented children, knowledge and skills, demanding curriculum, overloading, educational needs to pass the school/leaving examination [matricular exams], subjects, mother language, foreign languages, mathematics, teacher explanation, learn from reading or hearing, to get new information from the Internet or encyclopaedias
 mobility of the students, objective, valid and acceptable exams
to accomplish university study, to be given a degree in the field of the study, postgraduate students, doing research work, writing a dissertation, defend the work in front of a panel of
profesors, qualities of a pupil, working morale, ambitious, diligent, conscientious, perseverance [vytrvalost, stalost], lazy, negligent, undisciplined, disobedient

1.What kind of education would you like to have? What would you like to study?
2. Should the government spend more money for education? Why?
3. How would you change your choice of a secondary school?
4. Do you have a good conditions for studying ? Describe ideal conditions.
5. Are students well prepared to be independent learners?
6. Describe [or compare] the school of your dreams [with your present schooling.
7. What do you think about cheating?
8. How do you imagine your university life?

Ισοτιμία λίρα Τουρκίας (TRY) - Τουρκία 

Topic to write
What's your opinion on our school system?(write about pros and cons,  suggest ways to improve it.)  (180-200 words)

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