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A. I live in a flat, which is situated near the center of a town. The residential area with block of flats is quite new. My block of flats has 8 floors. I live on a fourth floor. When you enter into my flat there is a long and narrow hall. On the right side, there are two rooms: my bedroom and bedroom of my parents. We have very nice view from these rooms. We can see quite big part of the town, church, football stadium and the river Hornad. On the other side of our flat there are the living room and the kitchen with balcony. From these rooms we can see residential area with block of flats Tarča and hills and woods behind it. I think that this is very good place to live. You have it near to town, to school and also there are a lot of places where children can play.
Our flat isn’t very big yet very comfortable. I have my own room. I used to share it with my sister but now when she went to university I have it for myself. My room is the second biggest room in our flat. So what does my room look like? Opposite the doors there is window. I have beautiful view. Under the window there is my table with computer and shelves with books and exercise books. On the left side there are my bed and my sister’s bed. On the right side there are wardrobes. In the middle of room there is only carpet. All things in the room are quite new because 3 years ago we changed everything- furniture, beds, table, carpet, and lamp. The dominant color is blue and brown, but walls are white. On the walls there are little pictures of the trees.  And what about atmosphere? I like staying in my room. It’s very comfortable, optimistic and always clean place.

B. Living in the city has both advantages and disadvantages. On the plus side it is often easier to find work, and also there is better choice of public transport, so it’s easier to get from one place to another. There are many interesting things to do and places to see. There are also better services than in the village. There are many specialized shops, supermarkets, banks, post offices, schools, hospitals, sport facilities. All in all, life in the city is busy and you never feel bored. However, for every plus there is a minus. Living in the city is very expensive. It’s especially difficult to find good, cheap accommodation. What is more, public transport is sometimes crowded and dirty and evenings in the city are very dangerous. One advantage of living in the country is beautiful nature. Village people don’t have problems with pollution. Fresh air is everywhere. Another point is that people usually have their own gardens, where they grow a lot of fruits and vegetables. These products are grown without chemicals and pesticides so it’s healthier. Also they can breed cows, pigs, chickens and other animals for meat, eggs or milk. All in all, village life is full of peace and silence. It is good place for relaxation without stress. On the other hand living in the village has also disadvantages. One is that everybody knows everybody and mainly old women like gossiping. In villages there aren’t many shops, there aren’t schools or hospitals so people have to commute to the cities. In conclusion, I think living in the village is good place for families with small children or old people. But it can be boring for youngsters.

C. A house of my dream should be situated near the center of a town. It should be big and very comfortable with ground floor and first floor. On ground floor there should be big kitchen and big living room with modern furniture and abstract paintings and things. Each room should be in some color, for example living room in green and kitchen in orange. On the first floor there should be 3 bedrooms with their own bathroom and balcony. I would like to have big garden with green grass and small swimming pool and also place where I could organize barbecue with my friends.

D. I think that home is very important for everybody. It is a place where you live with your family, with people who you love and want to be with all the time. You can spend there all your free time. For children it means safety that they always have place where they can live. Also place where children are grown up can influence their behavior, education and whole life.
People can live in flats or different kinds of houses: for example terraced house, a semi-detached house, a detached house, a bungalow and a cottage.  A typical British house is set in a small garden and has two stores. There is a hall, a front door, a back door, a kitchen, a pantry and a storage space. A garage is attached to the house. British and American people usually live in suburb. A typical Slovak house has one store or just ground floor. Garden is small and they use to grow there their own vegetables and fruits.

For young families it is very difficult to find good accommodation. They don’t have enough money because they have just finished university and they don’t have well-paid job. They usually stay in house of one of their parents. Nowadays flats and houses are very expensive and it’s very difficult to buy a flat. So at the beginning of their marriage they rent a flat and in few years time they usually buy this flat if they have saved some money. Living in a flat has one important advantage. When a family has small children they can play with other children at the playground. But for teenager it is dangerous because they can get to bad group of young people and they can start taking drugs.
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Cudzie jazyky » Angličtina

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