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A. Traveling is very popular in the 20th century and that is why it is so common. When we want to go abroad we must get necessary documents. First of all we must have a valid passport and a visa (to some countries we still need a visa which we can get at embassy in Bratislava). We must change money to hard currency in a bank or at an exchange office. When we fly we must get a flight ticket and find out our flight number and departure time. People all around the world travel for various reasons: one of them is tourism-especially during holidays. People want to see the most beautiful sights of world’s famous metropolis like Rome, London or Paris. Some people travel on business trips to meet with businessmen to place a contract (uzavrieť obchod). The third reason is that they want to work abroad to earn some money, especially students travel abroad during summer holiday.

B. Car is the most common mean of transport. Probably every second family owns a car. In a car there can be only few people. You don’t have to follow timetable, you aren’t limited by anything. It is “door to door” transport. You can stop whenever, wherever and for how long do you want. It is good for shopping, going to work, use in cases of emergencies. We have privacy in the car.
Disadvantages: you have to maintain the car and make sure there is enough petrol, oil…On roads there can be a traffic jam. You need a driving license if you want to drive a car legally. It is very expensive to buy car, petrol and you also have to pay insurance. It is one of the most dangerous kinds of transport. Driver is responsible for others. You need a garage and if you haven’t got one you have to park it in front of your house and it can be stolen.
Coaches - advantages: cheap, comfortable- you can watch TV, sleep, lean your seat, watch the countryside, get to know new people, it is quite fast.
Disadvantages: you have to wait on the board, you have to follow the timetable, you can’t stop when you want, you have to book a seat on a coach before the day of your departure, you have to sit on one place for a long time, you don’t have privacy, and you can feel sick.
Plane: advantages: fastest, most comfortable, convenient for long distances, the safest. On a plane there are served meals, drinks. Airport is good-organized, not crowded and not noisy.
Disadvantages: it is the most expensive mean of transport, you have to book a seat before your flight, you have to get other mean of transport to get to the airport, airports are only in big cities, your luggage can be lost, flight can be cancel because of weather.
Boat: advantages: very expensive, comfortable, you can get food and drinks there, there are bars, casino, theatre, swimming pool.
Disadvantages: ship can wreck (stroskotať), you can have seasickness, you have to book the ticket long before, it can be uncomfortable because of weather.
Trains: advantages: you can have your own compartment, it is fast, comfortable, there is a sleeping car, restaurant car, you can walk in corridor, stand by window.
Disadvantages: quite expensive, dirty, noisy, depends on timetable, you don’t have privacy.

C. When you come to railway station at first you have to buy a ticket in ticket office (single or a return), then you go to the platform from which you can get on the train and look for a seat. When the conductor comes we give him the tickets and he checks them.
When we are traveling on vacation we should look for accommodation. In the first place there are hotels and motels which differ in price and comfort. Before our arrival we should make a reservation, book a room in a hotel. We can get bed and breakfast or full board (plná penzia) at a daily or weekly rate. When you arrive to the hotel at first you go to reception desk where you get the key from your room. Then a baggage man helps you with your luggage.

D. Traveling in the past: people used to move from one place to another because it was necessary for their everyday life. They had to go to places where a lot of grass was, where their animals could feed on it. But nowadays people travel for pleasure. In the past it was very difficult to get from one place to another because they had only horses, and nowadays there are very modern means of transport that make it less difficult to get from one side of the world to another during some hours. Now people can travel also into the space, to the Moon or other places. And maybe in the future it will be common to travel to the Moon, maybe like today everybody has got a car, at that time everybody will have a plane. It is very hard to say what will be in the future.

E. Traveling abroad isn’t a big problem. We need visas to some countries but the number of these countries is getting lower and lower. People have possibility to travel abroad for work. There are many job agencies which offer different types of work in abroad. You can travel by plane, by bus or by train.
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