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Shopping and services

Autor: Chlapec sp-prace (9)
Typ práce: Maturita
Dátum: 20.02.2008
Jazyk: Angličtina
Rozsah: 330 slov
Počet zobrazení: 14119
Tlačení: 554
Uložení: 600

Types of shops:
Shopping center, chain store [TESCO,  HYPERNOVA, BAUMAX….] department  stores, huge shopping malls, individual shops, clothes shops, cake shops, butcher s, baker s, gift shops, shoe shops, newsagent s , antique shops, chemist s, pet shops, green/grocer s, china and glassware shops, delicatessens, jeweler s, bookshops, florist s, hairdresser s, furniture and carpet shops

Shops which provide services:
opticians, estate agents, barber s, hairdresser s, dry cleaner s,  ironmonger s , jeweler s, jeweler s, laundrette, ………
hypermarkets, superstores, supermarket – many products under one roof
outdoor markets, stalls – selling cheap or second-hand goods, flowers, fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, fish
drugstore / American kind of shop / includes chemist s  but also sells food,  clothes, stationery, drinks, snacks
rural areas – roadside stalls – local produce is sold
street vendor

deliveries of post – postal delivery ,  newspaper, milk
baby sitting, window cleaning, repairing, painting, decorating,
cleaning, shoe repairs, photocopying, agencies for buying \, selling and renting houses, flats,
advertising services in local newspapers, ordering services by telephone [Yellow Pages], ordering cooked meals from Chinese restaurants or pizza restaurants, ordering flowers to be delivered
Language in Use:
wholesale, retail shop [velko- / maloobchod]
sales, bargain, in/out of stock
buy, purchase, discount, reduction, buy in bulk [vo velkom]refund, receipt,
shop assistant, shop-keeper, shopper, customer, shop-lifter, shop-lifting, racks, trolley, basket,  delivery, payment, check-out counter, in cash, credit card, cheque, pay in monthly instalments

Topics to discuss:
1. Define consumer society.
2. Compare shopping habits in the past and at present.
3. Characterize shopping facilities in Slovakia.
4. Marketing strategies to attract customers.
5. Make a list of the pros and cons of supermarkets.

1.  Ask questions concerning her/his liking to spend money, what he/she enjoys shopping for.
2. Compare your shopping habits with hers/his.
3. Try to conclude what the typical teenage consumer is like.

Express your opinion in a short essay: (180 words)
1. A weekend without shopping is no fun.
2. All shops should be closed on Sunday.
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