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All over the world there live people who are interested in things that happened around them. Nowadays there are several types of media, trough which some information are transmitted. Media are used for information, entertainment and education. They can be divided into two groups:  1.electronic 2.paper. Electronic are TV, radio and internet. Papers are press, which consist of newspaper and magazines.

1.Newspaper:  Some people buy newspapers every day at the newsagents, some people subscribe them. There are national (SME, Pravda), regional (Korzár), local (Spišské hlasy). Newspapers have different size and format. There can be large sheet which is called “broadsheet” and small sheet, which is called “tabloids”. Broadsheets are known as “quality newspaper” and the tabloids are called “popular”. Quality papers are read by those readers who expect to find serious news. The popular papers have worse quality of paper and there are articles mainly about stars, sports and celebrities. They are illustrated and headline sometimes takes more space then the article itself.

2. Magazines: they are more expensive than newspapers, but they have more pages and they are also more colorful. Magazines can be specialized for children, teenagers, men, women for people with special interest. Children magazines have many pictures; teenager magazines have lyrics of songs, problem pages, pictures and posters of pop-stars. Magazines can be about gardening, health, cars or computers. Magazines can appear weekly, monthly or one a fortnight.

is a media through which we can see amazing places and things. Most people use it for relaxation and for fun. But there are also educational channels like Discovery where documentary films can be seen. There can be state channels where government has ultimate control and where more serious programs are and also commercial TV where are played usually sitcoms, shows, popular programs or live broadcast. There is a lot of advertisement. TV isn’t healthy for our eyes and it also isn’t suitable for children when they watch crime films- they think that what is showing in TV is real life.

The most famous programs are nowadays reality shows like Superstar where people can see young talented singers or Mojsejovci show where you can see life of 12 people who live in a garage. Children like watching cartoons and fairytales. Among women there are very popular soap operas (telenovely) from Argentina or Mexico which have at least 100 parts. Men like watching sport programs and matches in hokey or football. Seniors like documentary films, competitions and many of them watch religious relations.

People listen to radio everywhere: At home, at work, in car, during the sex :), or in shops. Young people like radio stations, where a lot of music and hit parades is and where they play songs on request. Adults listen to radio stations with news, warning to motorists and discussions. We have state radio channels (radio Slovensko), regional (radio Rebeca) and commercial (Okey, Fun).

is the most modern and the fastest way of communication and getting information. It’s important to know how to work with computer because then you can find there many interesting things. We can really find there everything. But you need for it computer which you have at home or at work so you can’t use it all the time. It’s not healthy for your eyes and back. More and more people become addicted because of chat and internet games. It takes a lot of time.
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Cudzie jazyky » Angličtina

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