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Dátum: 08.01.2012
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Dear Stanka,

How are you? I am very well. I came to Paris three years ago to work in interesting company. I want to earn some money and they pay very well. I have got the easy job and I earn a lot of money. I live in a hotel, but I want to buy my own house here in Paris. I want to take an encumbrance. I go to work every day by company’s car.

When I have free time, I have been visiting many interesting places. So far I have visited the Eiffel tower and many historical monuments. This city is very beautiful. I have been living here for a very long time, but I haven’t explored the entire city. It is very big city.

I met one good person, named Jim and now he is my good friend.
He lives in the same hotel as me and he has got the room next to me. I meet him every day when I go to work. He is a very good friend and I always have the long talks with him.

I hope that you come visit me very soon. I am waiting for you.

Please write to me soon.

Love, Martin
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Cudzie jazyky » Angličtina

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