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English Realism
· Literary movement of 19th century
· Realistic writers wanted to show real life
· They described the society and the events very realistically and truthfully
· They criticized romanticism; they didn’t like the romantic heroes – they wanted to show real people in their everyday life

Jane Austen
· She is the first great woman-writer
· Daughter of  a very educated country parson, her life was very uneventful, she lived with her family whole life, she never married
· Representative of domestic novel (it describes ordinary life)
· In her works she showed the life of upper-classes in countryside
· The main characters of her works are intelligent,  morally strong women
o Pride and Prejudice – her best-known novel; the main character is Elizabeth Bennet – she deals with issues of manners, morality, education and marriage; the novel takes place in a countryside in 19th century in England
o Sense and Sensibility – her first novel, written under pseudonym “A Lady”; the main characters are Elinor and Marianne Dashwood – they are looking for happy life and love
o Emma – autobiographical novel
o Lady Susan – the only novel with a women as a heroe
The Brontë sisters
· Their novels have many romantic features and they deal with moral and psychological problems
· Their father was a parson, their mother died soon, and their father educated them.
Emily – the second eldest of three sisters, she wrote only one novel
· Wuthering Heights – the story takes place in the Yorkshire manor, it describes the love between Heathcliff and Catherine Earnshaw
Charlotte – the eldest of three sisters
· Jane Eyre – her best-known story; it has autobiographical features; the story describes the unhappy life of poor girl Jane, who finally finds the love and happiness, when she marry Mr. Rochester. Very successful, written in a first person.
Anne – youngest of the three sisters; her novels are more realistic then the novels of her sisters
· Agnes Grey – her best-known novel
Charles Dickens
· He was the most popular English novelist of theVictorian era and he is considered to be the greatest novelist of 19th century
· His father was a clerk in the Naval Pay Office, he had a financial problems and he was imprisoned for debt
· Charles had to earn money in the factory
· At the age of 16 he became  a law office clerk, and then a reporter for Morning Chronicle
· He started to write short stories about life in London under the pseudonym Boz
· Later he wrote many long novels
· He died of stroke in 1870, he was buried in Westminster Abbey in the Poet’s corner
His works
· His works are characterized by attacks on social evils, injustice, and hypocrisy, he criticized the way of life of poor people
· All his works have happy end, which is the main difference between him and Hardy.
o Sketches by Boz – the collection of his first stories
o The Pickwick Papers – his first novel, it describes the adventures of Samuel Pickwick and his friends, who decided to leave London for holidays and travel through the country
o Oliver Twist – his second novel, the story is about an orphan Oliver Twist, who escapes to London where he meets the leader of thieves Fagin and he spends some time among the thieves. Finally he escapes again and he finds his relatives, and he reveals the secret of his family.
o David Copperfield -  it is the most autobiographical novel of all of his works, the story describes the life of David Copperfield from childhood to adulthood
o Christmas Carol – The main character is Ebenezer Scrooge – he is mean, he hate Christmas, nobody like him. One night he has a dream and he dreams about Christmas past, where he sees his childhood, and his girlfriend, about Christmas present – he sees poor life in London, and about Christmas future, where he sees his own death, and everybody is happy. After he wake up, he changes, he starts to celebrate Christmas he starts giving money to charity, etc.
William Makepeace Thackeray
· He was born in Calcutta, at the age of 5 he was sent to school in England
· He is famous for his satirical and humoristic works
o Vanity Fair it is a satirical criticism of the English society
o The Newcomes – it’s considered to be his masterpiece; it is story of Colonel Thomas Newcome.
Thomas Hardy
· His novels are picture of people who struggle against their fate, the books are extremely sad and depressive, every sin is punished, they doesn´t have and happy end.
· Nature is very important in his works, he wrote poetry about nature to escape the horrible imagination. His scenes are set among trees, farms, fields and hills.
o The Mayor of Casterbridge – it is said to be one of the most tragic novels in English literature. A young man Michael Henchard lost his wife and children in a card play. Later, when he realized what he has done, he decides not to drink again for 20 years. He work hard, becomes rich and he is made Mayor of Casterbrige. After 18 years his wife returns, and the bad rumour about him destroys his personality. He starts to drink again; he loses his office and dies miserably.
o Tess of the D´Urbervilles – his masterpiece, tale of a poor girl Tess, her poor father found out that they are relatives of an old noble Norman family – the D´Urbevilles. Tess goes to find the D´Urberville family and she meets Alec D´Urbeville, who only bought his name. She is seduced by him and she gets pregnant. Alec leaves her and the child dies soon after the birth. After some time Tess kills Alec, because she blame him for all misfortunes that happens to her, then she is arrested and hanged.
o Jude the Obscure – his last novel, the main hero is Jute, who work as a stoneworker, he want to educate himself, but he´s not successful, because he´s not much clever. He fall in love with Arabela, she wants to marry him, but she doesn´t have any understanding for his longings. They have one son and they marry. But Arabela leaves him and he is alone with their son. But distant relative Sue helps him and they fall in love and they have two children. The oldest son kills 2 younger children and then he commits a suicide and Sue leaves him. Jute starts to drink and he dies unhappy.
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