My town (village) and living conditions

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My town (village) and living conditions

The town of Most is situated in the north-west of Bohemia. About 68000 inhabitants live there. It’s situated in area 86,9 km2. Most lies between the Ore Mountains and the Bohemian Central Highlands. The town is cultural, economical, business and administrative centre. Most is divided into several quarters: Zahražany, Velebudice and so on. The inhabitants live in many housing estates with blocks of flats, there are also many schools and quite developed transport - buses, trams and trains.
The first mention of this town was in the Kosmas Chronicle in 1040. Most has been established on the old trade road from Prague to Germany. But it was quite difficult to cross this country because in this are there were a lot of lakes and swamps so there were a lot of bridges to cross these swamps. So our town is called Most ( in English Bridge ). In the 11th century there was built castle on the hill on Hněvín. This castle had to guard the area near the town. Chemist Edward Kelly was held here. In 13th century Most became a royal town. In time of Hussite revolution Most was the part of Germany.

During the Thirty Years war attacked Most and they won the castle. The town and the castle were damaged. Most was destroyed several times by fire. After great fire in 1515 there started great reconstruction of town. New houses were built from stone. Then Most was demolished because of a coal mine. In 16th century there was built very important building in gothic style:Dean’s Church.  Most was agriculture and textile town and in 19th century were discovered deposits of coal. In Most started coal mined industry and there was a possibility of job for people. During the Second World War Most belonged to Germany. The town was liberated. In the sixties the old town was demolished. The government of Czech Republic decided to build a new town. In 1998 was built the First Square.
In Most there are a lot of little shops, Supermarkets ( Billa ), Hypermarkets (Tesco) and department stores ( Prior ). Accommodation is provided mainly by hotels (Cascada) and also by motels. In Most there are many cafes, pubs, restaurants and fast foods. Czech cuisine represented by the restaurant at Švejk.
  Most is an industrial town. There is a coal mining industry. Coal vines were discovered in the 19th century. Thanks to the coal mining, the Old Town had to be demolished and New Town was built. In Most there is also chemical industry ( Chemopetrol ), ceramics and food industry ( production of wine and ham ).
In our town there are about 25 kindergartens and crèches and about 18 basic schools. There are lot of secondary schools such as Grammar school, Nursing school and Technical school. There is also financial and administrative university. We have 2 schools of art which develop talent of pupils.

In our region there is a problem with pollution because of the mining of coal. It’s also connected with burning fossil fuels. The second problem is unemployment. When the coal mines were closed, workers from the mines were fired. Nowadays the unemployment is about 21%.
In our town there are many sport possibilities. There is a motor-racing circuit used for races of automobiles. We have a hippodrome where are horse races. Our airport offers sightseeing flights. Benedikt is the place for sports such as football, volleyball, swimming and skating. On Ressl there is a cyclist path. We have also a sport hall, winter stadium and football stadium. Before 2 years ago was built Aquadrom this includes sauna, swimming pool and toboggans. In Most there is also possibility to play tennis, squash, bowling, fitness centre and golf.
The town theatre: it’s situated in the First Square. People go here less because the tickets are more expensive than the tickets to the cinema. There are played plays, musicals, concerts and other programmes with famous personalities.
The theatre of diversities: it’s smaller and there are played plays and puppet shows for children.
Cinema Kosmos: it’s divided into 3 parts: maxi, midi and mini. The best of them is Maxi cinema because it has the best acoustic and here are played new popular films.
Cultural house: it’s called Repre. You can find there some shops, bars, restaurants and there are also planetarium, small theatre and two halls for sociable actions. Young people go there for lessons of dancing.
Dean Church: there is a small gallery. Our church belongs among the most important late gothic monuments in Central Europe. In 1975 it was replaced about 841 meters by rail.
The castle oh Hněvín: it’s situated on the hill of Hněvín above the town. It attracts visitors with its lookout tower, observatory and restaurant.
Library: we have only one library which is divided into 2 parts: a section for children and the section for adults. It includes also music section, section with foreign literature and magazines. 
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