Eating and drinking, restaurants and cafes

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Eating and drinking, restaurants and cafes

Gastronomy is a term, which means the art of good eating. It includes the preparation of meals, dining and everything related to food and drinks.
  Food is a very common topic. When friends meet, they go to some restaurant. When we meet foreigner, we speak about our typical meals and about typical meals from his country. We know a few proverbs about meals and eating, for example: ,,We don’t live so as to eat, but we eat so as to live”. The chefs in restaurants are usually men, but meals prepared usually women. In the Czech families there usually cook mothers then fathers. The majority of men don’t like to cook but they like to eat good food. They use some modern appliance and many recipes. Physicians say that Czechs eat too much flour and sugar and not enough vegetables. So that’s why many people in this country are overweight. But overweight isn’t mainly problem only of the Czechs.

The first meal of the day is breakfast. Some people say that rich breakfast is the best way to start the day, others prefer their breakfast to be healthy, light and easy. The majority of people eat a breakfast that consists of bread and rolls with butter, salami, ham, honey, cheese or jam. Somebody cook scrambled eggs or omelets in. At 10 o’clock is the usual time for a mid morning snack. It is good to eat something light and healthy like fruit or vegetables.

At midday it’s lunchtime, usually the time for the main meal in our country. Some people eat lunch in the school canteen, restaurant, others at home. Lunch consists of soup, a main course and a dessert. The main course is usually cooked meat, fish or poultry with side dishes of potatoes or rice and maybe a vegetable’s salad. The dessert could be cake, ice cream, fruit or custard. People drink mineral water, juice, coffee, beer or wine.

We have snack at 4 o’clock. We eat yogurt, sandwiches or cake with tea or coffee. The last meal of the day is dinner. It is served between 6 and 7 o’clock. In many families the menu usually consists of another warm meal, for example pancakes or sausages with mustard. If we have a cold dinner it may be cheese, salami, ham, vegetables and bread. I prefer cold dinner because I think that in the evening we should eat light food.

 The Czech diet isn’t very healthy. It is based on meat, especially pork. Our national meal is roast pork with dumplings and cabbage. Popular dishes include schnitzel with potato salad, roast beef with cream sauce or cabbage soup with sausage. Most meat is served with potatoes or dumplings. Favourite meals are also sweet dishes such as pancakes, jam omelets or plum dumplings. Czech beer is famous all over the world. Bohemian and Moravian wines are well known as well.

When we invite guests to our house, it’s important to set the table. Everyone should have a plate and cutlery. On the left side of the plate you place the fork and on the right spoon and knife. You place also a glass above the plate. Don’t forget napkin, it should be placed on the plate. It’s nice to have some flowers on the table.

When we talk about healthy food we don’t mean only the food itself, but also the way it is prepared. It is better to eat small amounts several times a day. Milk products such as milk, yogurt and cheese are often considered part of a healthy diet. We should eat lot of whole grain bread or brown bread. We should also eat much fresh vegetables, fruits and vitamins. It is important drink mineral water, herbal tea and fruit juice. We shouldn’t eat many sweets or fat meat and we shouldn’t drink alcohol and coffee. We should drink two litters of liquid every day.
 In Britain people have different eating habits and they don’t seem to care much about food. They have five or six meals a day. Traditional British breakfast consists of a glass of fruit juice, cornflakes with sugar and milk, buttered crisp piece of toast with marmalade, jam or honey. They drink coffee or tea with milk. Sundays are reserved for their big cooked breakfast, which is sometimes called brunch ( breakfast and lunch together ). It consists of fried eggs, fried bacon, sausages, tomatoes and fried bread. It’s served usually at 8 or 9 o’clock. The second meal is lunch taken between 12 and 1 o’clock. It’ s usually light meal, some sandwich, fruits, and meat with potatoes or vegetables. The typical British break is 5 o’clock tea, which is called high tea. The tea is usually fairly strong and eaten together with some cakes.
 About 6 o’clock most families have supper. It’s the important meal of the day. There is sometimes soup as the first course, then some meat, vegetables and potatoes. Then is often a sweet - some pudding or a fruit pie.
 Many families now prefer to eat out at restaurants or to buy take-away Chinese or Indian meals to eat at home. Another typical British food is popcorn. British cuisine: stuffed turkey, much curry, fish and chips, Yorkshire pudding, pumpkin cake, lamb meat, beef meat
 Americans love eating and that’s why they are usually fat. They eat two bid meals during the day - breakfast and dinner. Breakfast consists of cereals with milk, muesli with chocolate and cornflakes. They drink orange juice, coffee with cream.  On weekend they often eat brunch, usually eaten at 10 o’clock and consist of bacon, ham and sausage. Lunch is eaten at noon and it’s light. Usually it’s sandwich prepared at home and brought to work and school. Americans never eat sandwiches without chips. Many American have dinner outside in restaurants because it’s very cheap, cheap than to make dinner at home. Americans call fast food restaurants as cheapies. These places usually offer drinks such cola, coffee, milkshakes; some food like roast chicken and chips, hamburgers, sandwiches, pizza, salads or deserts. Another typical American food is popcorn. American cuisine: apple pie, muffins, hamburgers, chips, barbecue wings, hot
vegetables steamed in butter

 In the morning I drink only cocoa. If I stay at school I usually have bread with salami or cheese. Sometimes I have yogurt or fruit and I drink ice tea. Then I eat in the school canteen around 2 o’clock. When I am not at school I eat at home the meal, which is often prepared by my mother. I have usually chicken or other meat with potatoes, rice or dumplings. Next meal is supper. I have usually cold supper consists of rolls, sausages or spread and cheese.
 My favourite dish: China with rice, hen soup with noodles, pizza, steak with American fries, spaghetti, pancakes with chocolate.
 Stuff: spaghetti, chicken meat in the can, tomato’s powder in the bag, ketchup,  grated cheese, spice, salt, onion - pour water to the pot, add salt and lead to boil, then add spaghetti on it and  boil 10 minutes, then decant it
- put oil into the pan and add onion cutting into strips, until 5 minutes add
  chicken meat from the can and spice on it and blend it 10 minutes
- in the small pot blend tomato’s powder with water and lead to boil
- then blend tomato’s sauce with meat on the pan
- on the plate put spaghetti at first, then put sauce on it and finally ketchup and cheese
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