Looking after yourself (fashions, lifestyles)

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Looking after yourself  (keeping fit, fashions, lifestyles)
Of course that everyone wants to be happy. If we want to be happy we have to do various things - for example to be fit and not to have problems. In today’s world the ply is to live unhealthy.
Good nutrition - We should have good eating habits. We should eat slowly
and regularly ( five or six times a day ) small portion. We should eat
enough fresh fruits and vegetables, cereals and whole meal rolls. We
shouldn’t overeat ourselves. Healthiest meat is poultry ( chicken ) and
fish. We should drink mineral water - two liter and more a day. We
shouldn’t drink sweet fizzy drinks like cola. Our body need sugar, but
in small volume.

Relaxation - We need to relax to regenerate our body and our mind. There
are many ways how we can relax. Of course the most common type of
relaxation is sleep. The teenagers should sleep 8 hours a day and
adults 6 hours a day. Some people relax while reading, listening to
music, watching TV, going to the cinema or going to some restaurant. We shouldn’t overwork. We should always find some spare time to relax.

Doing sports - Sometimes we should leave our cars in the garage and walk.
Any movement is healthy for us. We should also keep ourselves in
good condition. Nowadays there are so many kinds of sports that
everybody can find a sport that he will like. Everyone should harden
his body and everyone can swim, walk, ride a bike, run. We also
should have some hobbies that we like.

Fashion and looking after yourself - Everyone wants to be attractive,
beautiful and slim. So that’s why there are beauty industry ( plastic
surgery ), fitness, pedicure, manicure and hairdresser. Everyone wants
to have attitude and modern hairstyle. Young people want to have the
latest models of fashions. But everyone wants to wear casual clothes.
All over the world exist so many companies of clothes. Nowadays are
accessories very popular ( f.e. belts, handbags, big sunglasses, jewelers, piercing and tattoos.

Looking after our health - When we are ill we should go to the check-up to
general practitioner, who has sit in some health center. When we suffer from some illness ( flu, cold ) he prescribes us some medicine. Then we should sweat in bed and come over the illness. We can to have some aftereffects. Then we should go regularly to the dentist.
Smoking - One of the worst habits of today’s world.  Smoking can cause
coughing but also such serious illnesses as lung cancer. There are
different reasons why people start to smoke - because of bad nerves,
problems or to belong to some group of people.

Drinking alcohol - It damages your health. In the Czech Republic it is
prohibited to sell alcohol to under-ages. But the seller breaking the
law, so you can buy it anything you want. Most people drink alcohol
just when they celebrate something ( birthday, birth of child ).
Not enough sleep - nowadays people are always in a hurry. Rush is the
most common thing that we can see around us. A lot of people work
too much. Sleep is as good for our body as for our mind. The body
regenerates through the night.
Drug addiction - It’s very dangerous in many ways. People try drugs
because they have problems or mean their life boring. There are soft
drugs ( marijuana, hash ), hard drugs ( cocaine, heroin ) and legal
drugs ( alcohol, tobacco ). All three types can cause addiction, illness
or even death. If we take drugs regularly, we became the addict.
Stress - We should avoid being under stress. Being under stress causes
many health problems too. It can for example cause many serious
problems with skin.
Bad nutrition - the most frequent problems are anorexia und bulimia.
Young girls want to look like models - they want to be slim so that’s way they eat very little.
My lifestyle - is rather unhealthy. But I like sport - I play volleyball, ride a
bike, go to the fitness. But during the week I haven’t got time for
myself. I don’t do sports, I only eat. I’m very interested for latest
fashion. But I haven’t got so much many to buy everything. I like sport
clothes because I feel good in it. I like jeans too. But I hate dresses and skirts.
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