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Science and technology

In thousands of years of human´s existence people have made rapid progress from very simple tools to difficult machines. The development is very fast and we advance very fast, too. Today is already the past and tomorrow is the future. The world´s population grows and people need and want more. Science becomes more popular, because we need to advance and to invent new things. And there is only one reason - we want to make our life easier. Technology is today a part of our everyday life. We use it to improve our lives, to make our life easier and to save our time.

Important thing in human history was The industrial revolution that completely changed the world. It brought inventions like the steam engine (Watt), the electric light bulb (Edison) or the first petrol -driven car (Benz). Thanks to these inventions, small businesses changed into large factories, hand-made goods were replaced by machine-made products. Mass production started, all sorts of goods became cheaper and more available to people.

Nowadays the development still continues. Inventions like mobile phones, computer or Internet are changing the world. There are new possibilities of communication, more information is available. Computers are used in science. They help people to invent and improve things for example in medicine by finding new vaccines and pills. This is very important for us because we want to be fit, healthy and live longer. Women can be inseminated artificially, we can fight against cancer, tumors and we can replace missing parts of our body by artificial limb and so on.

The internet is becoming more and more used by many people. Nowadays it is the newest kind of mass media. It brings us a lot of information, a lot of ways how to spend our free time. Optic cables and wireless connection changed the possibilities of using the Internet.

We can also see some changes in transport. Modern human realizes that we should protect our nature as much as possible. Nowadays we can use alternative fuel cars which use electricity, solar panels, hydrogen or biodiesel. We can also buy hybrid vehicle which combines electricity and gas.

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