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Miroslav Šatan - My favourite hockey player

Miroslav Šatan was born on 22nd October 1974 in Topoľčany, Slovakia. When he was a little boy he dreamed about being a professional hockey player. As a child he used to play hockey on the frozen lakes near his birth town. At the age of seventeen he first played in the Slovak National League. Later he became a famous NHL player worldwide. He was the best player in 1994 (Winter Olympics in Norway), in 2000 (World Championships in Russia) and in 2002 (World Championships in Sweden). 

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Together with his team he won 1st place in the Slovak Championships (in 1994 and 2005). In 2002, when Slovakia won the gold medal in the World Championships defeating Russia 4:3, he was also considered to be the best player. He is one of the most popular Slovak hockey players along with Peter Bondra. During his free time he tries to spend as much time as possible with his family. He married his long-time girlfriend Ingrid in 2004. They have a son, Miroslav Junior, born in March 2006 and a daughter, Viktória, born in july 2009.

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