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Our house

Cudzie jazyky » Angličtina

Autor: Dievča verca123 (24)
Typ práce: Maturita
Dátum: 04.05.2012
Jazyk: Angličtina
Rozsah: 290 slov
Počet zobrazení: 2968
Tlačení: 274
Uložení: 347

Our house
My family lives in a large family house with a big garden. The house itself has two floors, a cellar, an attic and a garage. In the cellar there is a furnace room /kotolňa/ for heating the house and rooms for storing stewed fruit and vegetables for winter. In the attic there is a big mess. In the garden we grow flowers and fresh vegetables and tehre are many fruit trees. Right behind the house there is a kennel.

On the ground floor there is a hall and a large kitchen, stairs to the first floor and a living room. In the kitchen, which is on the left, you can see some blue cupboards, a cooker, a sink , a large round brown table with blue chairs and a yellow lamp above it. Opposite the kitchen there is a large living room with a sofa, two armchairs, a little table on left hand side. Next to them opposite the windows there is a lrge bookcase with hundreds of books. Under the window there is a piano and next to it there is ashelf with a TV set, a stereo and our cassette and record collections. The room is decorated with four pictures, curtains on the windows, one large chandellier and many little lamps, vases with flowers and flowerpots with various plants, a few pottery pieces and a brown carpet on the floor.

Upstairs on the right there is a parents´bedroom with one large bed and many wardrobes, two little tables with lamps, an armchair and a small bookcase. Opposite there are two children bedrooms. Next to the stairs there is a toilet and a bathroom with a large bathtub and a washbasin. On the walls there you can see lovely light-blue tiles with little flowers.
I have my own room. I used to share it with my brother but now when he left home I have it for myself.
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