Medical health care

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Medical health care
It is very good when people are healthy. However, we cannot influence our diseases or illnesses and from time to time we get ill and we need a doctor´s help. There are also people who are seriously ill and they need regular medical care. When we have some problems with our health and we don´t  feel well we have to see a doctor. A doctor usually examines us and asks about  our pain and troubles, examines the chest and throat. He /she sometimes asks a nurse to take the temperature, checkt the blood pressure or take a blood- count. Before making a diagnose, he usually feels the pulse and sends us to X-ray if necessary. When he/she is sure which kind of illness or disease we suffer of, he/she prescribes a medicine for us for example pills or tablets. When we feel ache, he prescribes a pain killer. It is true that prevention is better than a cure. In other words, the best way to cure yourself of a disease is not to chatch it. We should try to live a healthy way of life, which means we should have a good proportion of work to leisure time, between our sleep and up time to keep our mental state in order. We should practise sports, at leat swim or go for walks, we should eat healthy food with lots of vitamins, we should not smoke, drink too much alcoho, become drug addicts. Generally speaking we should lead such a way of life to keep our mind and body in a perfect state and balance.
Medical care is very important part of social welfare. There is National Health Service, which ensures that everyone has equal access to good medical care. Most of the services which are done in state institutions are free of charge, although some charges have been passed on the patients. Private medical care exists alongside the NHS and now it is being encouraged because it saves the government a lot of money. The term „free medical care“ includes any type of medical treatment – from seeing your doctor because of a common cold to the most complicated operation. The Health insurance system is undergoing some changes at present. Employers pay health insurance for their employees but everybody can pay extra money for his/her health insurance. Private people must pay their health insurance themselves.
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