School year

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School year
School year at Secondary school starts in September and finishes in June. It is divided into two terms. Students get their certificates at the end of each term. We have two months holidays in summer, two weeks during Christmas, one week in spring and several days during Easter. School days are from Monday to Friday. Classes are usually held from 8 am to 2:30 pm. Lesson lasts for 45 minutes and there are breaks between them /10 minutes/. Lunch break is 25 minutes long. After school there are some extra activities and courses that students can attend.
Typical school subjects are...............
My favourite school subjects are......................because..............
I am taking A- level exams from........................
After school I would like to........................
There are several exams and examinations during the school year such as oral exams, written exams, some kinds of test. Listening comprehension, reading comprehension and speaking are tested on English lessons. We get marks for our work. The best mark is 1 and the worst one is 5.
When it comes to teaching, we use for example a wall map, a projection screen, a tape recorder, various textbooks and dictionaries.
Eating at school provides a school canteen, however, you can bring something to eat to school from home. 
Every school has some rules that students have to follow. Our school also has some rules that are obligatory for all students. Discipline is very important when you want to learn something. It means that students should be quiet during lessons, pay attention and respect teacher´s orders. During the lessons, we have to sit at desks, write some notes, listen to teacher´s explanation and answer the questions. Our obligation is to prepare for each lesson and do our homework on time. In our school, there are some rules that we mustn´t break. Students have to be at school 15 minutes before the first lesson. We have to change the shoes before we enter the class. We mustn´t leave school earlier. We should be polite to teachers and other students and behave in a good way. It is very impolite to chew a gum, drink or eat during lessons. We can take our mobile phones to schol but we mustn´t use them during lessons. The other thing we mustn´t do is listen to our MP3 player during lessons. Some students don´t follow school rules what isn´t  very good. Anyway, I think that keeping school rules is important.
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