How to protect the environment

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How to protect the environment
-  use alternative sources of energy /solar, water, wind/
-  use public transportation rather than your own car
-  drive at the speed limit in order to use fuel more efficiently
-  use unleaded petrol
-  control damege from industrial processes
-  find friendly pesticides
-  take care about rivers, lakes...
-  don´t use fertilizers and pesticides
-  do not throw litter and rubbish in the streets
-  reuse, recycle
-  sort out domestic rubbish
-  plant trees and green belts

keep a small area of land clean of litter
recycle glass, plastic, paper, aluminium cans
clean up lakes and rivers in your area
use less energy and water
use public transportation
compose – recycle organic trash
plant a treee or a garden because it imporves air quality
choose recyclabe products
don´t buy soaps with phosphates
join an environmental organization
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