The most significiant inventions

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The most significiant inventions

PAPER – before it was invented people wrote on e.g. clay, tablets, silk, palm leaves, later papyrus. Paper was invented in China in 105 AD. The first Chinese paper was made of silk, then hemp and the bark of mulberry trees. Today most paper is produced by the chemical treatment of wood pulp.

ELECTRICITY – we can not imagine our life without electricity; we use it for lighting, heating, radio, TV, etc. It was started to use in 17th century. Electricity which is used as a form of energy is in fact electric current. It is produced in power stations by generators and comes into our houses via cables.

THE TELEPHONE – it enables us to communicate with others both in everyday life and in business. It dates back to 1876 when Alexander Graham Bell, physicist and inventor, developed his “speaking box “. Another important name in the field of communication is Gugliemo Marconi, an Italian electric engineer, who began radio experiments in 1894, and 4 years later he carried out the first international (England – France) wireless transmission.

CAR - this invention made transport faster and more comfortable and significantly shortened travel time. It was invented by two Germans, Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz (1885).

TELEVISION – is a relatively recent achievement, at least for the public, because it did not appear in people’s houses until the 1950s. But for experts television as a means of transmitting pictures has existed longer. The first television transmissions were made in England in 1926 by the Scotsman John Logie Baird.

LASER – it was discovered in 1961. Laser is used in industry for cutting, drilling or welding very hard materials, in space navigation it is used for maintaining communication and measuring distances and it is also used in medicine in many kinds of operations – the most common medical use is in eye surgery.
James Watt- steam engine
George Stephenson- constructed the first succesfull steam locomotive and built the world´s first public passenger railway.
Michael Faraday – electric generator, dynamo, electromagnetism
Charles Darwin – developed modern theory of evolution and proposed the principle of natural selection
Thomas Alva Edison – invented electric bulb
Alexander Graham Bell – invented telephone
Albert Einstein – theory of relativity
Sir Alexander Fleming – discovered first antibiotic drug-penicilin
James Dewey Watson and Francis Crick- research on molecular structure of DNA and genetic code
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