Science and technology in usage of human

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Science and technology in usage of human
According to my opinion the most popular technical achievement in man’s history is computer. The history of computers started actually in 1960s when the first electronic computer was developed. From that time computers have undergone dramatic changes in size, speed, software and prize. From the big computers that took a whole basket field and many people were needed to operate it, gradually appeared smaller and smaller ones and noticeably more powerful. We know that computers have already revolutionized the way how we live and work. They help us work faster and more effectively. For example, in business, computers are used to store, process and retrieve data at a speed that is thousand times faster than formerly. On PC we can write text, paint pictures, play games or of course do other different activities. Today everyone works with computers. Use of computer can be better if you have an access to the Internet. It was invented by Tim Berners-Lee in 1989 and it enables people to get information that is normally unavailable – from world libraries, museums and other institutions including business and finance offices. But you can also send and receive e-mail letters that reach their destinations in a few seconds or minutes irrespective of the distance or you can download music and film files. And it has also enabled home-working to women with children or people living in distant places, who would have to commute a long distances to work every day.

Another very useful branch of science is nuclear physics (branch of physics concerned with the nucleus of the atom). The main use of nuclear physics is in nuclear power. Nuclear power station produce a huge amount of electricity. The problem is that its very dangerous when occurs some accident and also problems are with nuclear waste which is radioactive.

The other usage is in X-ray (form of electromagnetic radiation). In 20th century a huge interest in universe came. First man in the universe was Yuri Gagarin from Russia (1961) and the first men on the moon were Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin (1969) from USA. From that time many space stations have been built, thousands of satellites are orbiting our planet for communication purposes, weather forecast etc. Communications satellites can pick up signals from a point on the Earth and relay them to the other side of the Earth by amplifying them and then beaming down to a ground station. Some satellites carry cameras which take pictures of the Earth’s surface to help meteorologists forecast. Other satellites carry cameras and telescopes which are pointed out into space so that astronauts can get more information about distant stars and planets.

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