Misuse of science and technology

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Misuse of science and technology
Everything has its own pros and cons. This phrase belongs also to science and technology. It’s very satisfying how science has influenced our lives from positive side of view, but it has influenced our lives also from a negative side - Science can be misused.

The best example how the science can be abused is weapon - at first, meant as a defend tool used only in a case of danger. But we all know that it isn’t like that. Weapon that influenced a world most was a nuclear weapon. It is a weapon that derives its energy from nuclear reactions and has enormous destructive power — a single nuclear weapon is capable of destroying a city. Nuclear weapons have been used twice for war, by the United States against the Japanese cities of Hiroshima (Little Boy) and Nagasaki (Fat Man) during World War II with a dreadful results. Little Boy had a force of 12,000 tons of TNT, it levelled all buildings and 100,000 people died. Very dangerous are also chemical and biological weapons.

In house you have a washing machine, which will wash your dish for you; then you have an owen that automatically order the course of baking according to the food you insert there; you have a car which you use for a transport; you can buy things on-line so goods will be delivered right to your house. As a science develops, people become lazier; simply they are living easier and easier life but only from a physical side of man. From a mental side people get more and more stressed, they are still in rush. People don’t do any sport because they simply don’t have any time. Besides a healthy nutrition, people eat hamburgers, drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes. This all doesn’t influence our health positively. And that’s why the civilization diseases came to existence. Right example can be the heart attack or diseases which are related to metabolism, bloodstream. Many people die for these diseases.

The steep development of industry in the last 50 years is a great danger for life on the Earth. There are two pressing problems with the atmosphere of our planet which are caused by emitting polluting materials into the air.
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