Multicultural society

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Multicultural society
A multicultural society includes people from several different cultures. People of different colours, nationalities, languages, beliefs and customs live together in one community. A multi-thnic society has many advantages. Living in a multi cultural , multi ethnic society allows people to experience different ways of life, both materially and spiritually. This includes a wide variety of patterns of thought, beliefs, behaviours, customs, traditions, rituals, dress, languages, art, music and literature.

Multicultural education aims to prepare children for living ina  multiracial society by giving them an understanding of the cultures and histories of different ethnic gorups. As a result, an initiative for multicultural teaching came in the UK.

Multi –cultural education Works against racism and racial disadvatage in schools. When people learn about different ways of life, it helps to break down barriers betweeen thnic groups which are caused by ignorance. Human beings have a tendency  to be suspiciuos of cultures they do not understand. Living with different cultures brings a better understanding of world belifes an dcultures and helps to encourage religious and social tolerance.

On the negative side, cultural differences can be emphasized in order to divide a society. This can lead to prejudice and discrimination. There will always be people who think that their religion and culture is superiour and right and that other beliefs anc ultures are inferiour and wrong. These people will try to stir up trouble in a multicultural society and will try to blame ethnic minorities for social and economic problems even when it  is not true.
Ethnic minorities may suffer racial disadvantage in a multi ethnic society. In education, children from ethnic minority groups, like refugees, may not perform as well as they could simply because they are in an unfamiliar environment.

Local authorities have adopted more antiracist policies and increased the provision for multicultural education to help in these situations.
There is one special ethnic group which can be found almost all over the world. The Romanies originated somewhere in what is now India and live very differetnly from the people of the nations they live in now. THe ytypically do not live in one place, but travel from place to place while living in a caravan. In many countries some people do not trust them and treat them with disapproval, because the way they live is so foreign for Westerners.
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