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Multicultural Society - basic information
Multicultural society is  a society where people of different nationalities live together. In the world we can find people of different race, nationality and religion. We all have to learn how to live in tolerance and peace. People shouldn’t be judged according to their race, nationality or religion. We should try to bring people of different nationalities and races together.  We all need to live and work together. 

In every country there is the majority of people living there as well as some minorities.  Government should try to improve the situation so that all people live peacefully and respect each other. People of different nationalities have different cultures, customs and traditions.  Every country and every nation has its own traditions, habits and holidays. Living in a multicultural society gives us many advantages. We can share experiences, ideas and it also helps us to learn how to be tolerant and respectful to the people that differ from us. It is very dangerous when people are not tolerant enough because it causes racial unrest.  

St. Valentine´s Day – February 14th- It is lovers´day. Friends and lovers sen done another letters of greeting cards expressing their love and affection. Some of them are romantic, humorous, sentimental, satiric or provoking.
The first Valentine was a bishop, a Christian martyr, murdered by Romans. Before he was put to death he sent a note of friendship to his jailer´s daughter.
All Fools´Day – April 1st – Day full of jockes and tricky. People play tricks on other people and then they shout „April Fool“
Easter- between March and April. Easter is a Christian festival, it is also a welcome spring holiday.
Good Friday is the Friday before Easter, It is the anniversary of Christ´s crucification.
Easter Sunday commemorates the Resurrection of Jesus. Easter eggs, symbolizing new life, are given as present.
Halloween – is celebrated in October 31st. People dress up funny costumes(ghosts, devils, fairies) and go to a party. Children light pumpkins. People tell tales about ghosts and witches. This tradition marks beginning of winter.
Guy Fawkes Day – November 5th. I tis celebrated with bonfires, fireworks and the burning of guys made of straw. Guy Fawkes was an English Catholic. He tried to destroy the Houses of Parliament with a bomb. He was arrested and executed.
Christmas – December 24th. Special Christmas decorations, coloured lights and Christmas trees can be seen in the streets and shops. Christmas carols are sung almost everywhere. People buy presents. Children hang up Christmas stockings at the end of their beds for Santa Claus and then they go to bed. In the morning children get up early to find presents. Christmas dinner consists of filled turkey and Christmas pudding.
New Year´s Day – January 1st – people sing and dance. Famous place for this event is Trafalgar square.

Thanskgiving Day is celebrated on the last Thursday in November. People celebrate their first harvest and the first people who came to America (Pilgrim fathers). These days families in USA meet together and they have a big dinner which consists of roast turkey.
Independence Day – July 4th – The Declaration of Independence was signed. People do not go to work and meet together.

In Slovakia we celebrate Easter holidays, Mother’s day, Father’s day, New Year, Christmas, Good Friday…... Events in Slovakia are very traditional. When two people get married they have a wedding. We have many family celebrations such birthdays, name days, school leaving celebrations and many others.
Some holidays are connected with our history. For example:
The Day of the Estamblishment of Slovak Republic –1.1
The Day of St.methodius and Cyrils – 5.7
The Anniversary of the Slovak National Uprising –SNP-29.8
The Day of the Slovak Constitution-1.9-Ustava
The Day of the fight for the freedom and democracy-17.11
Our Lady of Sorrows-15.9
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