Human relationships

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Human relationships
People are social beings; they live in a society, not alone. During their life they enter different relationship.
Relationship is the way people behave towards each other. When two people are friendly towards each other and get on well together, we say that they have a good relationship.
Relationships can be formal – for example public relations or diplomatic relations or informal 

- Formal relationships are formed among people at schol, work, in Office, in the street

FR aren‘ t deep and open. Are formed betweeen people of different social position ( Teacher+Student; Employ+Employees). FR require respect and higher formality and politness.

- Informal relationships – are created among family members, married couples, friends...

- Types of human relationships…

Family: relations in families are based on love, respect, trust, understanding, adaptability, tolerance and communication. Between mother and child: it is the first relationship which we have in our life. It is the strongest relationship at all, because mother gives birth to the child.
Between parents and children: parents should be an authority for children and children should have respect for patents. Parents look after their children. When children grow up they argue with parents because of their own opinions. Relationship can be disturbed. Sometime parents are too strict and sometime they don’t show their interest about children. Between siblings: when they are small they play together, but sometimes they have fight because of toys. When they are older they become friends and stick together. But sometime there are siblings that hate each other.

At school: between students and teachers: they have formal relationship and they get in touch during lessons. Student can love them, respect them, dislike them or hate them. Teachers can have the same approach to the students. At the basic school relationship is closer, teachers take care about pupils. They are interested in pupils’ live and family. Communication is closer, they are more like parents. At the secondary school teachers are more like friends. But relationship isn’t as close as at the basic school. They have very little influence on them. If there is a bad teacher you hate also the subject and it can influence your future. Between classmates: Relationship between children in the kindergarten is based on common relationship, children first get in contact with other people. They don’t care about the sex. Teenagers: class can be divided into small group of students with similar interests or love. They have common school trips and after school meetings. At university students are looking for potential partner, they are not interested in others.

relationship is based on work, they have to communicate and respect each other. You should be fair. If somebody is too ambitious it can destroy relationship. A colleague can be also your good friend or partner. At work there are people at different level- this relationship is based on respect, responsibility and reliability.

Relationships between neighbours
 – people have different relationships with their neighbours:
Some people get on well /vychádzajú dobre/ with their neighbours – they help each other when they need help, they visit each other /navštevujú sa navzájom/ and they are good friends.
Some neighbours have a neutral relationships – they don’t see each other very often, they only say hello to each other when they meet.
Some neighbours have a bad relationship – they don’t like each other because they argue, usually because of land, garden… This happens especially when there is a big difference between the neighbours – for example younger and older neighbours – the older neighbours don’t like loud music and so on.

Relationships between the older generation /grandparents/  and the younger generation /grandchildren/
Sometimes there are generation problems between the younger generation and the older generation. Older people usually don’t understand young people.I have a good relationship with my parents. I can tell them about my problems and they always listen to me and help me.

The relationship between different races, religions and social groups
 – in many countries the relationship towards other races, religions and social groups is very bad. In every country there live minorities – for example Gypsies, people who have a different colour of the skin – for example black people, Chinese people, people from India and so on. These relationships are based on prejudice, intolerance and narrow-mindedness. Sometimes people are rude towards these people because they know nothing about them and they are suspicious.

- Your opinion about friendship and love…Describe characteristic features on best friend…

Friendship  when we make friends, we usually try to find people who have similar hobbies and attitudes towards life as we do. A friendship between a man and a woman can sometimes change into love. I think that friendship is very important in our life.
Friends have the same interests, opinions. By small children it is based on playing games and common experiences. In teenage it is based on trust, common activities, going to town, talking about problems. Adults go for a coffee or for a beer with their friends, visit each other and usually talk about family and work. For them it is way of relaxation, because they are without children. Friends can be also your schoolmates or neighbors. You can have a lot of friends but only few real friends. You can talk with him openly, you laugh with them, share your secrets, he always help you if you need it. People often say: “A friend in need is friend indeed” /V núdzi poznáš priateľa/ and I think it is true because friends are here to help us when we need help. Most people have a best friend. 
best friend is someone who:
-  is always here for  you when you need him
-  he always helps you when you have problems
-  he always finds time to listen to you
-  he doesn’t envy when you are happy and successful 
-  he helps you when other people disappoint you and let you down
-  he can also forgive and forget when you disappoint him

The relationship between a man and a woman – young people – girls and boys – like to go out together. The boy usually asks the girl out => we say that they go on a date. If they don’t understand each other and argue a lot, they break up /split up/. If their relationship lasts and they get to know each other, they can fall in love and have a romantic relationship. Later they get engaged and they get married. When they get married, they become a husband and a wife. Some couples have problems in the marriage – for example: 
-  they don’t understand each other
-  they argue a lot (because of money, they don’t like their new relatives and so on.)
-  one of the partners can start having an affair / romance / a flirt => he/she falls in love with somebody else and finds a lover.
If there are too many problems in the marriage, they can get a divorce.
The reasons for divorce: lack of communication; physical, sexual, emotional abuse; alcohol addiction; religions beliefs, lifestyle differences; differences in personal and career goals; sexual incompatibility...

- Describe various social problems…

There are three main social problems: disabled, homeless and addicted people. Disabled people have many problems in our country. But we have special schools for blind, deaf and dumb children. For them it is very difficult to find a job, because there is high unemployment. But there is a law that big companies have to employ disabled people. Homeless if you lose a job, you don’t have to have enough money to pay for a flat and you can lose your family so you can easily get to border of crime. It is difficult to come back to normal life. There are homeless centers but there is not enough space and also charities which helps with clothes and food. Some homeless people also sell newspaper to earn some money. Government should create new jobs, to teach them how to get back to society. Addicted people they try to escape from hard reality, they don’t try to solve the problem. They want to try something new, and they don’t know when to stop. If they feel bored and have enough money they try new things. Also friends influence them. It is their personal problem but it starts to be a social problem when they stole money, kill people, because they need more money for drugs. There are centers but people have to want help.
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