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- Describe social behaviour...Speak about moral and ethnical principles that should be kept...

Social behaviour is very important for everybody. People would know social rules and the moral system. For me, the moral system is based on some rules and forms of behaviour, which are polite, and with which we can show our respect to other people. Each generation behaves differently. We can see a lot of differences in behaving between younger and older people. Each of these generations grows up in a different years, in a different time, with different rules and each of them has other view, other opinions, almost on everything.
Etiquette is the formal rules of correct or polite behaviour in society or among members of a particular profession. It includes greetings, behaviour at meetings, etiquette of visitors or how to behave when we are in another country.
Greetings: In Europe younger people greet older, man greets woman, children greet adults. People in North America are much less formal in their greetings.
Meetings: When we meet someone for the first time, we shake hands. Friends kiss on both cheeks when they meet or say goodbye.
Others: We should set free the seat for older people or pregnant woman. We shouln‘ d interrupt someone’s speech. We should thank when someone gives us something. We should obey parents and teachers. We should say “please” and “thank you” often . We shouldn’t make comments about disabled people, racial comments…If we make a mess, we should tidy it up  we shouldn’t throw rubbish on the street… We should apologize when we make a mistake.
- Express your opinion on the view that „Etiquette is a limitation of the personal freedom“
Everyone who lives in a society must keep the rules of the society. Every society has it own moral rules of behaviour. Society has a right to expect people to obey the law.

- Name some examples of food etiquette....
We shouldn’t spit out the food. We shouldn’t talk when our mouth is full of food. We should use a knife and a fork for eating. When we are in a restaurant, we shouldn’t be noisy.

- Give some examples of various ways of breaking laws- criminal acts.
Our society is based on habits and rules and breaking the law is officially punished and people can go to the prison. People commit different crimes such as killing, stealing, shop- lifting, pick – pocketing, different robberies, there’s also home crime, bullying, rapes, black mailing or kidnapping.
For different crime people are given different punishments. The most common are fines, then people are sent to the prison and the top of everything is capital punishment, which is not allowed in most countries. Young people which are not at the age more than 18 have to be reeducated for their crime. 

- Give short infos about brittish classes...
British society is considered to be divided into three main groups.
Upper class people own several homes, studied at Eton or other public schools, work as judges, company directors, eat caviar, smoked salmon and drink champagne, spend their free time going to opera or ballet, play polo, spend their holidays in Orient countries.
Middle class people own semi-detached or detached houses, have grammar school and university education(Oxford,Cambridge), work as teachers, bank managers, doctors, have hobbies like skiing, tennis, sailing, cricket or golf, eat health food (wholemeal bread, avocado, pasta), and spend their holidays in France or Tuscany.
The working class finish comprehensive schools and technical colleges, work as shop assistants, miners or factory workers, live in council houses, eat fish and chips, chinese and indian food, play football, darts or bingo, pake package holidays, spend their free time watching soap operas or drinking in pubs.

- Say how can help people in need...
People in need are given social benefits, unemployment and invalid pensions and benefits and also children’s allowances. We can be charity volunteering. Charities try to look after these cases too. They help people after diseases, earthquakes or floats. They provide them food, clothes, blankets and also money.
Toys for children in foster home, clothes and food for homeless...
We can help blind people when choosing the road.  We can help disorder people to get in the bus…

- Express your opinion on the influences of modern society on families.
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