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Fashion is the way of dressing that is popular at certain time. It’s the main concern of all people who want to be ‘in’. Fashion changes very fast and sometimes it’s quite difficult to say what is still trendy or what is already out of fashion. People can follow fashion through fashion magazines, (such as Cosmopolitan, Elle, Vogue), fashion shows or fashion blogs. Fashion includes not only clothes but also shoes, jewelry, accessories, hairstyle, lifestyle.
Fashion is created by professionals called fashion designers. They invent the new styles, patterns and look for new interesting combinations. Dressmaking has become a big business these days. Fashion designers are world famous. The most popular are Calvin Klein, Donatella Versace, Vivien Westwood. Their fashion shows have become important social events presented in the mass media and they inspire many fashion-lovers.
We cannot wear same clothes on various occasions. It's important we dress appropriately for every occasion. For example, for school days students should wear decent and tidy clothes. For formal occasions such as wedding or balls women should wear dresses and unique hairstyle and for men is typical a tuxedo or suit, shirt, vest, bowtie or necktie. That means no jeans, sneakers, t-shirts, or anything else casual. Everything we wear has to be formal. If we practise some sport it’s important to dress properly too.  Typical sportswear is shorts, leggings, trousers, sneakers, tank top or jumper.  And for casual day it depends on our personality style.
Fashion is always changing because people want something new, there are new materials and also fashion industry has to make something new to sell. In previous centuries women’s and men’s clothes were totally different. People used natural materials, clothes weren’t so colorful as at present and was handmade that’s why their quality was better. We could recognize from a distance if it is a woman or a man. Women wore long skirts, long-sleeved dresses. They also wore corsets, gloves, hats and lots of accessories. Nobility wore wigs. Women had long hair usually hidden under hats. Men’s clothes didn’t change very much- men wore trousers, shirts and jackets. They used different claps, didn’t have zip, they used buttons instead. Shoes were made only of leather.

Nowadays there’s a wide range of colorful clothes made of different kinds of material. Women wear trousers and jeans. Teenage girls usually copy their ideals. People wear tattoos, piercings and dye their hair. People wear brand clothes, but Chinese clothes ( usually of bad quality) prevail. Fashion is repeated. Many fashion trends last just one season. Lots of animals die due to fashion.
Clothes depend mainly on weather. People wear different clothes in different season of the year. In spring they start wearing light clothes during days but in the morning and evening they have to wear warmer clothes-jackets, sweaters. In summer people wear light clothes, skirts, shorts, dresses. But for evening you have to wear warmer clothes-sweaters. People wear sunglasses and hats to protect them against sun. At the beginning of autumn people wear summer clothes and then warmer clothes like anorak, trousers and jackets. In winter we wear warm clothes like woolly sweaters, caps, scarves, polo necks, anoraks, winter jackets with hood, winter coats, fur coats, pantyhose.
I’m addicted to fashion and for me  it is necessary to be dressed in the latest fashion, I watch fashion shows, follow fashion magazines and blogs. Despite of this I don’t need to have only brand clothes. I shop everywhere and my favourite clothes is blazers, blouses, skinny jeans, high heels. I like cotton clothes the most and I don’t wear genuine fur or leather, because I don’t wanna hurt animals. Colours of my clothes depend on fashion trends. This seasons I wear especially brown colour and bright colours. I like match bright colours with natural colours together.
I partly agree with the saying that Clothes make a man, because it can express our individuality also it can show our social status and our manners. For example Emo. People in this group dress in dark clothes and always look forlorn. It shows that they might not be so self confident or that they might be against the whole idea of authority or society's conservative nature. Many people judge pursuant to clothes, but I think that’s not right because clothes doesn’t show us who the person really is. We cannot find out if is a person for ex. kind or tolerant.
Brand name clothes is very expensive and mostly it can afford only famous people. So people solve this problem that they buy imitations or cheaper clothes in markets or in second-hand shops. The good solution can be also sales, which are often after Christmas and in summer.
People have various attitudes to fashion, for some it is necessary to be dressed in the latest fashion, they go to fashion shows, follow fashion magazines, go to boutiques and are ready to spend a fortune on the best brand name. Others are not interested in fashion at all. They prefer comfortable clothes, not necessarily the latest design in which they feel good and would never pay a lot of money.
Nowadays, people prefer ready-made clothes.
If women want to have a unique dress for a special occasion, such as a ball, they often go to dressmakers. Men often have their suits or coats made. Some people go to tailors to have their old clothes repaired or adjusted to the latest fashion. Tailors take measurements of the entire body and then the clothes fit perfectly.
Fashion is also a way of self-expresion, especially for young people. They can show their mood, interests, attitudes and status in society through styles, colours, patterns and accessories. For others it’s a need to copy their ideal model.
The perfect outfit of a person is not only achieved through clothes and accessories. Another important part of our image is our hair. Some people grow their long, have highlights done, while others have short hair and often dyed.
All clothes require special care of we want to wear them for a longer time. Therefore, we should follow the ironing and washing instructions. Some clothes wash easily, others require dry cleaning or must be washed only by hand. The best thing to do is go to a launderette and have them washed and ironed there.
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