The European Union

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European Union is a unique – a family of democratic countries, commited to working together for peace and prosperity.
Rober Schuman (9. May.1950), maked a speech proposing France and Germany combine the coal and steel resources in a new organisation that european countries can join.  9th May is celebrated as the birthday of the EU – Europe Day.

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The flag of Europe consists of a circle of 12 golden (yellow) stars on an azure background. It is the flag and emblem of the European Union  andCouncil of Europe. It is also often used to indicate eurozone countries, and, more loosely, to represent the continent of Europe or the countries of Europe independent of any of these institutions.

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History of EU:
Originally the EU consisted of just six countries – Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Luxemburg and the Netherlands.
In 1973 joined Denmark, Ireland and United Kingdom.
In 1981 joined Greece.
In 1986 Spain and Portugal.
In 1995 – Austria, Finland and Sweden.
In 2004 – 10 new countries -  Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia

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The European Union delivered stability, peace, prosperity.
It has helped to raise standards, built a single Europe-wide market, given us the euro and strengthened the voice of Europe in the world and stehgthened position of Slovak Republic in Europe.
Today, the EU deals with many others matters, such as citizens rights, ensuring freedom, security and justice,job creation, regional development, enviromental protection and making globalisation work for everyone.
Advantages :
-  The trade and economy support and protection
-  We don´t need a passport when travelling
-  Common curency – EURO- we don´t need change money
-  Open bords, work opportunities
-  Better education
-  Better health care
-  Increasing turism
-  Shopping around and compare prices
-  Economic crises
-  Problems with state budgets ( rozpočet) – they are not stable
-  New currency
-  Dipendence on EU
-  Emigration
-  National identity and souverenity might be weakened
-  Euro is not stable
Institutes of European Union :
a)  European parliament
b)  Council of the EU
c)  European Commission
d) Court of justice
e)  Court of Auditors
Erasmus programme – set up to help young Europeans study abroad
Kyoto protocol – worldwide agreement to reduce air pollution ( 2002)
CAMP – common agricultural policy (1962)
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